Peru partners with IFFO RS to improve fisheries sustainability

The agreement was signed at the 59th IFFO Annual Conference in Shanghai, China.

Peru partners with IFFO RS to improve fisheries sustainability

November 12, 2019

The Peruvian National Fisheries Society (SNP) and the IFFO RS Global Responsible Supply Standard signed an agreement for the sustainability of the Peruvian fishing industry.

One of the objectives of the agreement is to raise awareness of the good sustainability practices carried out by the Peruvian fishing industry in its processes. This shows the real commitment and leadership that is taken with the care of the sea and the environment.

The agreement also aims at exchanging information to ensure the reliability and applicability of the IFFO RS standard which aims to assure the value chains of balanced and nutraceutical foods and that the raw materials they acquire are of responsible origin and manufacturing. Bad practices in the fishing sector will also be identified and make them visible in order to deal with them effectively.

The agreement was signed by Cayetana Aljovín, president of the board of directors of the SNP, and Libby Woodhacht, executive director of IFFO RS, at the 59th IFFO Annual Conference which was held in Shanghai, China.


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