Peru port workers strike

Strike at leading fishmeal exporting port may spread nationwide
January 17, 2006

An industrial dispute at the Enapu pier of the Port of Chimbote, Peru's main fishmeal and oil exporting port, which has  paralized activities since January 6, 2006, threatens to spread to the rest of the country's ports.The dispute centers on regulations of contracting and duties of Stevedores Union members, the rights and obligations of individuals and other forms of administration of port services.

Negotiations have not produced any agreement so far. The national federation of maritime and port workers (Femapor) has declared that it will support  the Chimbote stevedores with a nationwide indefinite strike to commence  January 19, 2006 unless a satisfactory agreement can be reached.

The strike would affect Callao and some other ports under Enapu`s administration (Paita, Salaverry, Pisco, Ilo). [Source: SERPAC Agencias S.A.C/Agniel Commodities]

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