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Amazon deforestation splits Brazilian agriculture lobby

Sep 30, 2020 — Aprosoja has broken ties with the Brazil Agribusiness Association (Abag) over its support for an initiative calling on the Brazilian government to rein in soaring deforestation in the Amazon rainforest.

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ICCF’s new guidance on homogeneity testing of feed ingredients

Sep 29, 2020 — The document provides guidance regarding the homogeneity testing approaches and data to be included in a pre-market approval or authorization application for feed ingredients.

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AFIA, American agriculture industry support World Trade Organization reforms

Sep 24, 2020 — The associations stressed the importance of the transition in WTO leadership and call on U.S. trade representative, Robert Lighthizer, to support a new director general who can reinvigorate and facilitate needed reforms.

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Can menthol enhance resistance against stressful conditions in tilapia?

Sep 24, 2020 — Scientists found that menthol essential oil inclusion at the rate of 0.22% to 0.30% increases the growth performance, protease activity, immunity, antioxidative response and the resistance against ammonia exposure in Nile tilapia.

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New €8 million EU project to increase value and sustainability of IMTA

Sep 22, 2020 — ASTRAL will develop new, sustainable, profitable and resilient value chains for IMTA production within the framework of existing, emerging and potential Atlantic markets.

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Biogenic fish feed to be commercialized in Malaysia

Sep 22, 2020 — This new fish feed will assist the fish industry in Malaysia by reducing the costs of fish feed as farmers are currently relying on imported fish feed from Vietnam, Thailand and Japan.

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Skretting introduces new carbon-neutral feed concept

Sep 21, 2020 — The company developed Feed4Future feeds, available to Italian farmers that allow a 10% reduction in carbon footprint and an additional carbon neutrality program that allows Skretting customers to achieve carbon-neutral farms. 

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Séverine Deschandelliers elected new FEFANA president

Sep 21, 2020 — The EU Association of Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures (FEFANA) elected Séverine Deschandelliers new FEFANA president for the next 2020-2022 term succeeding Gerritjan van der Ven.

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Locally produced sustainable fishmeal contributes to Aquasoja’s circular economy

Sep 21, 2020 — The fishmeal used by Aquasoja comes from the transformation of co-products from the local canning industry following the company’s business model based on a circular economy.

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Study suggests the need to re-evaluate fumonisin guidance values in fish feeds

Sep 17, 2020 — Researchers suggest that the European Commission guidance value for fumonisins (FB1 + FB2) in complementary and complete feedstuffs for fish of 10,000 μg/kg might be too high for certain species.

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Skretting to test NovoNutrients novel protein ingredients

Sep 16, 2020 — NovoNutrients was selected to test its protein ingredients at Skretting ARC facilities with the explicit goal of striking a procurement contract through which Skretting would commit to purchases of NovoNutrients’ feed ingredients.

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BioMar’s new diet enhances seabream skin color before harvest

Sep 16, 2020 — FINESTA is a finishing diet for seabream that intensifies skin colors before harvest to increase the commercial value of fish as its appearance is closer to wild fish.

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WAS joins AFS in support of climate change statement

Sep 16, 2020 — The World Aquaculture Society joined 110 aquatic scientific societies as a signatory to American Fisheries Society’s statement that highlights the effects of climate change on aquatic ecosystems.

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Lloyds Register, new MarinTrust registered certification body to certify against the MarinTrust program

Sep 16, 2020 — MarinTrust already works with SAI Global and SGS Peru, which are registered to conduct audits under the MarinTrust program.

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Cargill invests in new RAS capabilities and partnerships

Sep 11, 2020 — The company invested in a new lab focused on RAS and is testing how different feeds affect both the fish and the system to develop the company’s next-generation RAS feed and lead RAS nutrition.

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California yellowtail offshore farm files permit application

Sep 10, 2020 — Pacific Ocean AquaFarms plans to operate a new 5,000-ton offshore yellowtail farm in the coast of San Diego, California.

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French hypermarket Cora introduces salmon raised on algal oil

Sep 10, 2020 — French shoppers have increased the opportunity to buy fish raised on Veramaris’ natural marine algal oil with high levels of EPA and DHA omega-3.

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UK research project to lower cost of insect feed production

Sep 8, 2020 — A new UK project involving Entec Nutrition will explore methods for low energy production of insects to lower the cost of production and the environmental impact of the aquaculture feed industry.

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Ridley to develop nutritional solutions to future proof Aussie salmon industry

Sep 8, 2020 — The company will lead an Australian $3 million project that will employ nutritional physiology strategies to increase the resilience of salmon at times of increased temperatures.

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Join our webinar: Trends in Aquaculture Hatcheries - September 15

Sep 8, 2020 — Hatchery Feed & Management, in partnership with Skretting and SPACE, will hold a free webinar on how feeds, genetics and new technologies can help improve hatchery performance on September 15 at 16:00 CET, 10:00 EDT.

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