Salmofood acquires Chilean aquaculture research center

The company acquired Quillaipe Experimental Center, as Fundación Chile will focus its efforts on aquaculture in northern Chile.

Salmofood acquires Chilean aquaculture research center
January 11, 2021

Fundación Chile puts an end to more than two decades of research and innovative developments in aquaculture in the south of Chile through the Quillaipe Experimental Center and its Aquadvise business unit. The Quillaipe Center, strategically located in Puerto Montt, has consolidated itself as a R&D hub at the service of the aquaculture industry in Los Lagos region. During this time, projects related to the sustainability of salmon farming were combined with mollusks and cold-water fish trials.

This R&D center will continue to operate through Vitapro Chile and its Salmofood brand. Marcos Kulka, general manager of Fundación Chile, said that the organization “completed a stage that was fundamental for the development of Chilean aquaculture in the southern zone, which, among other things, would make salmon become one of the main products of export and in a world-class cluster. We have accompanied the industry in each of the challenges that have arisen in this long journey. Together with the development of a new industry, we have created jobs, fostered innovation and technology capabilities and ultimately, we have promoted regional development and better welfare for their society. Today, the capacities remain in the region together with Salmofood, which will undoubtedly enhance it even more. Our task now is the development of northern aquaculture.”

“This acquisition is fundamental for Salmofood, since it consolidates the potential of our Aquaculture Experimental Center and allows us to continue developing our own and collaborative research,” said Ian Lozano, general manager of Vitapro Chile.

The legacy of Fundación Chile and the business unit Aquadvise

Since its creation, Fundación Chile aimed to introduce, develop and transfer scalable, both productively and commercially, aquaculture technologies. Fundación Chile, through its Aquaculture Center, created 18 companies including fish and shellfish farming companies, service companies and input companies, all related to the national aquaculture and fishing sector.

The growing and increasingly specific needs of the salmon industry led to the founding in 2006 of what is now the most experienced bioassay services unit nationwide, Aquadvise. Associated with the center, it focused on services for nutrition, genetics and health. It also provided services to companies abroad. Salmon feed manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies such as Novartis and Recalcine were some of the more than 80 national and international clients that make up the historical portfolio of Aquadvise.

The 2,450 m2 modern facility includes three buildings, 18 rooms, including eight exclusive rooms for pathogen studies where strict biosafety standards are applied.