Salmofood awards Best Site SFI 2020 for Coho and Atlantic salmon

Ventisqueros and Camanchaca Coho centers and Camanchaca and Cermaq Atlantic salmon were awarded for its best performance through Success Farm Index.

Salmofood awards Best Site SFI 2020 for Coho and Atlantic salmon
April 28, 2021

Salmofood awarded the best farms with Success Farm Index (SFI) performance in Coho and Atlantic salmon fed with company diets in the last season.

Pichanco from Ventisqueros, located in the Los Lagos Region, and producing Coho salmon, reached a harvest weight of 3.95 kilos in 7.5 months and an SFI of 2.82. Chaiquén farm from Camanchaca, located in Reloncaví Estuary, reached a harvest weight of Coho of 4.93 kilos in nine months and an SFI of 3.01.

“We thank Salmofood for recognizing the team at the Pichanco center. This is the result of the effort and commitment, together with the great work, carried out by the support, logistics and maintenance teams. We are satisfied with the productive performance achieved, based on our corporate strategy. We continue to work with excellence, and we are sure that the key is teamwork,” said Manuel Cabezas, Ventisqueros’ feed manager.

The awarded farming centers for Atlantic salmon were Edwards from Camanchaca and El Manzano from Cermaq. The first reached a harvest weight of 6.14 kilos in 12.5 months and an SFI of 2.95 and El Manzano reached a harvest weight of 5.66 kilos in 13 months and an SFI of 3.11. 

“For Cermaq, this is the result of the productive measures implemented since 2019 in feeding strategy, control of feeding and quality of the feed used. This is a good example of what can be achieved by improving feed management in all its aspects,” said Cermaq’s production manager, Pedro Courard.

Success Farm Index is a very innovative indicator that tries to put metrics and value all the productive KPIs of the salmon farming industry. Today, there are multiple indicators from the productive point of view, but the ranking is not unique and, according to each of them, the information may change. This is how the SFI encompasses four fundamental dimensions: fixed costs, costs associated with animal health, feeding costs and smolt costs,” said Ernesto Passalacqua, business manager of Vitapro Chile. “These results show us that there is a quality work between the team of Ventisqueros, Cermaq, Camanchaca and our specialized technical advisory, who strive to obtain these excellent levels of performance by accompanying the center at all times and recommending the best nutritional strategy that adapts to production requirements.”