Salmon Of The Americas' Blog Supports Farmed Salmon

Salmon of the Americas blog defends the industry from attacks authored by the media and environmental activists and set the record straight about the industry
January 29, 2009

Salmon Of The Americas' Blog Supports Farmed Salmon

Ocean farmed salmon trade association, Salmon of the Americas, has launched a blog to generate further awareness of the facts behind farmed salmon. In addition to offering a wealth of information about salmon farming and the benefits of farmed salmon consumption, the blog,, also serves as an interactive forum to set the record straight on the industry and its operations.

Representing salmon-producing companies in both North and South America, Salmon of the Americas shares findings from research that have been authored by the industry as well as third parties. Salmon of the Americas strives to provide North American consumers with the knowledge they need to understand and enjoy the numerous healthy and environmental benefits that farming salmon creates.

"We were very disappointed with the seafood watch list recently released by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It is frustrating when out of date information fuels public misconceptions about salmon. Our blog is a great resource for all consumers to learn more about the real facts behind this sustainable industry," says Laura McNaughton of Salmon of the Americas.

In its recent Seafood Watch report, Monterey Bay Aquarium gave farmed salmon a rating of 'avoid,' even though the report that it based its determination on hadn't been updated in more than four years.

"Several of the claims were either gross exaggerations or simple distortions of the truth. In particular, we were very upset about the conclusions concerning the ratio of feed used to produce farmed salmon. While Monterey Bay claimed that the ratio was 3:1, the fact of the matter is that our operations have made substantial progress by both cutting that ratio to nearly 1:1 while drawing our feed from certifiably sustainable sources," McNaughton said.

"More troubling, however, is the fact that Monterey Bay has been less than forthcoming in our conversations with them regarding their standards in the Seafood Watch program. We're committed to having an open dialog with any group that would like to engage with us, and we'll always share the outcomes of those interactions with the readers of our blog" said McNaughton.

In addition to the rebuttal of false claims from the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Salmon of the Americas' blog also serves as an informational resource tool. The blog features many links to relevant government regulatory websites concerning the salmon farming industry, online seafood guide references, as well as general information on salmon aquaculture.

"Salmon of the Americas strives to overturn the numerous public misconceptions about the salmon farming industry. Through our blog, our goal is to raise public awareness of the healthy and environmentally friendly truths behind farm raised salmon," says McNaughton.

Salmon of the Americas is an ocean farmed salmon trade association representing North and South American salmon producing companies. The organization provides current, factual information about farming salmon to increase public awareness regarding numerous environmental and healthy benefits gained from consuming the renewable resource.