SAUDI ARABIA - National Prawn Company unveils ambitious aquaculture agenda

Company targets massive expansion of barramundi, bream and amberjack in the Red Sea
April 24, 2013

National Prawn Company (NPC) is pursuing continuous business improvement and diversification to lead and develop its business worldwide. The company has now started expansion into finfish aquaculture expansion in the Red Sea, with a planned total production of 100,000 tons/year within 10 years. Commercial harvest will start in 2014 with 11,000 metric tons of fish intended for the Saudi Arabia, Middle East North Africa (MENA), Asia, USA and European markets.

The ten year project includes the culturing of Barramundi, Amberjack and European Sea Bream. The fish will be grown in offshore farms in the pristine and unpolluted Red Sea, a pioneer project in Saudi Arabia at a big scale.

Through this project, NPC will significantly contribute to the local communities through increased employment and trading opportunities as well as creating significant employment opportunities for Saudi Women through the company’s planned hatchery and processing operations, as part of the Company’s successful CSR program.

NPC continues maintains close ties to its shrimp farming origins. Improvements in the way NPC manages its farms and grows its shrimp throughout 2013 will result in significant increases in shrimp production in 2014 allowing the company to better service existing markets and further develop new markets in the Middle East, Asia, North America and Europe, as well as increase our capacity to supply the local Saud Arabian.

The increase in capacity brings new investments to fulfill market needs for (Hotels, Restaurants, Catering (HORECA), Retail, Wholesale, auction markets and trading.