Scottish Institute: Feeding The World

Institute of Aquaculture to be featured in UK aquaculture meeting
February 13, 2007

Scottish Institute: Feeding The World


From Papua New Guinea to Kazakhstan, Jamaica to Lithuania, a leading Scottish research institute is shaping sustainable aquaculture development across the globe. The Institute of Aquaculture at the University of Stirling is a world-class centre for research and development in aquaculture in Scotland, the UK and beyond. Current projects span Europe, Russia, Africa, Asia, South America and the Middle East.


Based at the University of Stirling in central Scotland, the Institute of Aquaculture works in partnership with relevant bodies in the UK and overseas to cultivate a positive future for fish farming in countries where meeting food demand is not only a problem for the future, but a pertinent issue today.


It is widely recognised that fish farming will be essential in meeting the demand for healthy nutrition on a global scale in the future. The Institute of Aquaculture assists the development of aquaculture through detailed studies that will ensure that this demand is met in a sustainable and responsible way. Therefore their studies focus on species development and welfare, economic viability, prospects and opportunities.


Director of Aquaculture, Prof Randolph Richards says: “The Institute is proud of its contribution to the development of global aquaculture. Through our research we have provided the basis for many of the most important scientific advances in aquaculture and our graduates now occupy leading positions in the private and public spheres.”


The Institute’s studies review, audit and assess practices and technology. They analyse structure, functions and finances and assist in all aspects of aquaculture research and development. The Institute’s work has a hugely positive impact on the fish farming industry at home and overseas in terms of economic prosperity, community development and in providing healthy, nutritional food for millions.


Aquaculture Today, an international conference for aquaculture due to be held in Edinburgh this April, will highlight the Institute’s important work. Senior Lecturer, Dr Kim Jauncey will address delegates as part of the conference's international initiatives session and Director of Aquaculture, Prof Randolph Richards, will chair a session focusing on fish welfare and environmental issues.