SCPs and insects to replace fishmeal discussed at Aquafeed Horizons Asia

Tarique Arsiwalla, founder of Protix, and Aquacopia co-founder and now CEO of NovoNutrients, David Tze, will argue the merits of SCPs and insect proteins at\'s international technical conference in Bangkok
January 16, 2018

New technologies are emerging to take advantage of the growing opportunity to fully or partially replace fishmeal. Aquacopia co-founder and now CEO of NovoNutrients, David Tze, will argue that given the relative simplicity and efficiency of microbes, compared to reduction fishery species, plants, or insects, it makes sense to consider the merits of various microbial single cell protein technologies. These newer technologies include fermentation of bacteria, microalgae, yeast, and other fungi. The substrates may be purchased or received as waste streams. Those inputs might be solid, liquid, or even gas. But there are questions: What challenges will these new technologies face as they break from the lab and race to scale up to commercialization? What advantages does each have? Can any be economically produced? If so, what global scale are they likely to achieve? What might be the effect on the feed industry and players within it?

Insects are a natural source of nutrients for many fish species and can be produced sustainably. The EU has approved the use of processed insect proteins in aquaculture since 1 July 2017 as it is convinced this new feed ingredient can be produced in a safe manner and offer the quality needed for robust performance and health of the fish. Tarique Arsiwalla, founder of Protix, will focus on the use of insect proteins in diets for shrimp, Atlantic salmon and trout. Trial results will be shown as well as first commercial use of the products in Europe. The opportunities for the Asian market include the use of not only insect proteins, but also insect lipids in diets for young animals and challenged species. The potential for antibiotics reduction will also be touched upon.

Changing raw materials impact nutritionists,formulators and processors, and challenges of incorporating and handling emerging ingredients are addressed by several of the international experts who will present at the 11th Aquafeed Horizons Asia Conference, taking place on the first day of Victam Asia 2018.

The conference will bring together fish and shrimp feed processors, nutritionists, buyers and other industry professionals from throughout the region and beyond to learn about the latest developments in aquafeed production.

Registration is open and Early Bird discounts are available until January 29, 2018. Full agenda and registration details: