Skretting develops new shrimp feed for improved hatchery performance and operation

Elevia is produced in Skretting’s state-of-the-art LifeStart facility in France, and is currently available in Ecuador, with other markets to follow.

Credits: Skretting
June 9, 2023

Skretting introduced a new, innovative feed, Elevia, engineered to offer superior nutrition and water quality in shrimp hatcheries and nurseries. The precisely produced, stable micro diet improves larval performance while simplifying feed management and ensuring a cleaner system.

Formulated to mimic the natural feeding approach of shrimp larvae, Elevia is a next-generation solution that surpasses conventional feeding methods and traditional aquafeed ingredients, setting a new standard for hatchery performance. Incorporating new sustainable raw materials, such as essential long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, algae-derived DHA and hydrolyzed marine proteins, it enables shrimp to develop into strong and healthy post larvae with increased capacity to thrive in nursery environments.

“Elevia reduces the production cycles in hatcheries and provides shrimp with the necessary energetic reserve to improve resilience for the transport to the farm and acclimatation,” said Marita Montserrate, technical director at Skretting Ecuador. “In addition, Elevia ensures better performance in the nursery, reduces the cost of the post larvae and promotes increased survival and growth throughout the entire production cycle.”

Elevia improves the ability of shrimp to handle challenges by providing them with nutrients that improve their immune system and overall resilience. This enables the shrimp to cope more effectively with stressful environmental changes. As a result, shrimp production becomes more reliable and successful, reducing the risks associated with variations in water conditions and other factors.

Through Elevia's advanced formulation, physical properties and color, the need for multiple diets and flakes are significantly reduced, resulting in simplified operations and feed management. Another key feature that contributes to streamlining operations is the diet's ability to maintain water stability. Thanks to its unique composition and encapsulation of omega-3 fatty acids, the leaching of lipids into the production system is prevented, ensuring cleaner and uncompromised water quality. Consequently, intact feed particles remain stable for extended periods, minimizing the necessity for frequent replacements. This not only promotes optimal water conditions but also facilitates essential system maintenance, all while alleviating the strain on bio- and mechanical filters.

“We are very excited about introducing Elevia to the shrimp hatcheries, particularly in Ecuador as our first launch country,” said Eamonn O’Brien, global product manager LifeStart at Skretting. “Following an extensive development period that spanned the COVID-19 outbreak and throughout in-depth customer validations, we are confident that once again Skretting is paving the way for a new generation of shrimp hatchery production and facilitating improved PL quality.”

Elevia is produced in Skretting’s state-of-the-art LifeStart facility in France, and is currently available in Ecuador, with other markets to follow.