Skretting introduces starter and grower feeds for rainbow trout

Nutra Sprint and Celero maximize trout performance from fry to harvest with better feed intake and lower FCR.

Skretting introduces starter and grower feeds for rainbow trout
From left to right: Vibeke Vikeså, team lead salmonid nutrition, Sissel Susort, global business developer salmonids and Bernardo Sumares, global product manager freshwater.
December 16, 2021

Skretting unveiled new starter and grower feeds for rainbow trout to help farms meet their full potential. Built around Skretting’s expertise, the latest offering provides farmers with solutions that can be better utilized than conventional feeds. Nutra Sprint is a new high-performance starter feed that supports first-feeding trout fry, while Celero accelerates growth in the grow-out phase and enables farmers to produce premium quality fish with a high harvest yield.

The best start in life

Early nutrition has a significant impact on later life stage performance. Nutra Sprint contains a unique combination of ingredients that set trout up for life. The building blocks for their future growth and development are provided in this innovative feed, while the immune system of the fish is supported.

“With Nutra Sprint, hatcheries can expect to produce faster-growing, healthy fry in the crucial first-feeding stage. In setting the fish up for life by giving them the best possible start, trout farmers can be confident that the juvenile trout that enter the next phase of on-growing are robust and ready to thrive,” said Bernardo Sumares, global product manager freshwater at Skretting.

While a significant emphasis was placed on optimizing trout growth rates, equal attention was given to Nutra Sprint’s physical properties and its stability in hatchery water systems. Nutra Sprint is produced in such a way that the micro-pellets maintain their form and behave in a stable way, which makes them highly accessible to the young fish while supporting good water quality.

Optimizing grow-out

With the market pull increasing, it's more important than ever to produce rainbow trout efficiently through the grow-out phase. Celero is a grower trout feed tailored to meet the physiological requirements of the fish and support fast growth within the optimal production period. Initially targeted to fresh and brackish water environments, Celero enables trout farmers to maximize their production efficiencies and deliver premium fillet quality. Validation trials have documented growth increases of up to 8%, combined with a reduction in FCR of 8%, clearly demonstrating value for Skretting customers.

“Celero contains the essential ingredients necessary for the growth and wellbeing of trout in the main part of the production,” said Vibeke Vikeså, team lead salmonid nutrition at Skretting ARC. “Thanks to this precise, cost-effective formulation that balances energy and protein, the nutrient uptake and utilization is more efficient. In addition, a yield enhancer is incorporated into the formulation to improve the transport and utilization of fat to achieve improved growth and premium fillet quality.”

“We are very excited about the long-term benefits that these two feed innovations will bring for trout farmers throughout the world,” concluded Sissel Susort, global business developer salmonids. “With Nutra Sprint in the hatchery and then Celero in the grow-out, Skretting is providing a complete feed offering for trout that is focused on providing value for customers right through to harvest.”

Initially launched in France and Turkey at the end of 2021, the new products will be available in relevant trout producing markets globally.