Skretting signs feed partnership with Norwegian RAS trout farmer

The company signed a five-year contract to supply feed to Hima Seafood which is building one of the world’s largest land-based trout facilities.

November 25, 2022

Norwegian RAS trout farmer, Hima Seafood, signed a five-year contract with Skretting Norway to be the main feed supplier for the trout production that will start up at Rjukan in Telemark in 2023. Hima will produce 8,000 tonnes (HOG) of rainbow trout in what will be one of the world's largest land-based facilities for trout.

Hima has already fully financed the project and is building the 27,000-square-meter facility. The location of the farm was selected because it has good access to green energy and fresh, high-quality mountain water. Hima collaborates with Osland havbruk, which will provide the roe from the Osland strain, which has been developed since the 1960s. The first eggs will be put into the facility as early as October 2023.

“It's about taste and sustainability. That is the most important thing for Hima. When Skretting was recently named Climate Winner by PwC, it shows that Skretting is the best feed partner to help us optimize the feed so that it can produce the lowest possible footprint,” said Sten Falkum, general manager of Hima Seafood.

“We are proud to be chosen as the feed partner for Hima. We see that our work in developing feed solutions for RAS and precise nutrition for rainbow trout as well as our sustainability work is now bearing fruit. At the same time, we are humbled by the task that awaits us, but we have a very strong team working with RAS, and Hima has people with extensive experience in salmon and trout farming and in RAS. Together, we will optimize the feed for Hima so that they can offer a world-class food product,” said Truls Dahl, Skretting Norway's commercial director for land-based and closed technology.