Skretting unveils production results in Atlantic and Pacific salmon in Chile

Improvements in conversion efficiency, harvest weights, yield and crop times were found with Mowi, Cermaq, Salmones Camanchaca and Salmones Austral as top centers.

Centro Top Los Lagos y Aysen Todos juntos
March 21, 2023

Mowi, Cermaq, Salmones Camanchaca and Salmones Austral were the Top Centers in Los Lagos and Aysén regions, which, in some cases, showed weights over 6.0 kg in Atlantic salmon and over 4.5 kg in Pacific salmon. Additionally, in 2022, Blumar was recognized as a Top Company, by showing consistency in the productive results of all the centers fed by Skretting, thus achieving an FCRb ranging from 1.02-1.10.

In 2022, Skretting focused the performance of the top centers in Los Lagos and Aysén regions on two aspects: FCRb and Skretting Performance Index (IDS) – the latter relates the conversion factor, yield and time.

Atlantic salmon, year class 2021

Conversion efficiencies of the ten best centers achieved 1.04 together with an increase in harvest weight of 4.4%, reaching 5.676 kg. An average IDS of 0.376 was obtained.

The Top Atlantic Salmon Center by FCRb was Isla García of Mowi, achieving an FCRb of 1.01 with a harvest weight of 5.228 kg.

The center with the best IDS was Edwards of Salmones Camanchaca, reaching a historical IDS of 0.497.

Pacific salmon, year class 2022

The average FCRb of the ten best centers reached 1.03 with an increase of 7.1% in the harvest weights, reaching 4.139 kg. An IDS of 0.408 was obtained.

The center with the best FCRb was Chidhuapi 3 from Cermaq, with an FCRb of 0.98 and a harvest weight of 3.380 kg.

The center with the best IDS was Bajos Lami from Salmones Austral, with an IDS of 0.531.

Skretting's results in both species show improvements in different productive indicators. To achieve these objectives, preventive decision-making regarding the feeding strategy and coordination between the customer's work team and Skretting Technical Assistance have been essential.

“Thanks to the focus on innovation and the development of different nutritional solutions aimed at maximizing growth and adequately facing the particular challenges of each farm, Skretting is satisfied with the results of its clients and the contribution that we provide as a strategic ally, advising them comprehensively, going beyond the delivery of an excellent quality product,” said Rodrigo Sinn, commercial & marketing manager of Skretting Chile. “Having a holistic view of the results translates into a better connection with the objectives of our clients. For this reason, in addition to obtaining a good conversion result, today we are focusing on other indicators that translate into our Skretting Performance Index.”