Skretting's new range of product to improve water quality for fish and shrimp farms

An easy-to-use probiotic that improves water quality is the first product of the new AquaCare product line that is available in Egypt and Vietnam with other countries to follow.

Skretting’s new range of product to improve water quality for fish and shrimp farms
June 17, 2020

In certain regions, aquaculture faces a growing challenge in terms of access to safe, clean water. As a key part of its ongoing commitment to improving the sustainability of the industry, Skretting has extended its scope beyond the supply of sophisticated and sustainable feeds by creating a new global product line, AquaCare, specifically focused on providing practical solutions for improving water quality for fish and shrimp farming systems.

Water is a critical resource facing increasing demand and climate-based burdens. With the United Nations charting that there has been a six-fold increase in the worldwide demand for water over the last 100 years, responsible water stewardship is now a global priority.

“Before a fish or shrimp needs feed, it needs water. Depending on the initial state of the water, improved water quality will not only enable farmers to achieve better animal welfare but also improve results. The Skretting team and the AquaCare concept aim to help fish and shrimp farmers everywhere. The safer we can make the industry today, the more we will safeguard its long-term future,” said Tonje Dueland, global product manager at Skretting.

Through this important diversification, Skretting’s AquaCare team will focus on developing long-term partnerships with companies and institutes engaged in the fight for water quality improvement, with an initial focus in countries confronted with a lack of good water quality. These collaborations aim to consolidate the knowledge of water and use it to accelerate progress within the aquaculture sector.

Improving quality, improving efficiency

The first AquaCare product to reach customers is a sustainable solution that tackles water quality issues and provides a platform for significant efficiency and productivity gains. The simple-to-use probiotic is designed to work preventatively, to load the water in pond farming systems with beneficial bacteria that prevent the same space from being occupied by potentially harmful bacteria.

Furthermore, the bacteria improve water quality by actively utilizing ammonia which is known to be lethal for fish at high concentrations and consequently reduce the need for water exchange. Organic material, feces and small amounts of uneaten feed that would otherwise end up as sludge are consumed by the bacteria, giving faster preparation of ponds for the following cycle.

AquaCare’s launch has been particularly timely for the aquaculture industries of Egypt and Vietnam, which are largely based on the production of tilapia and shrimp, respectively. Egyptian farmers have been battling reduced water quality for several years. In Vietnam, meanwhile, an increasing number of Vietnamese shrimp growers are moving from low-intensity farming towards “super-intensive” production, which requires optimal water quality to reduce the presence of potentially harmful pathogens.

AquaCare Control is the first in what will become a range of new products launched by Skretting, dedicated to improving water quality for the whole aquaculture industry.