Statement on the organic certification of aquaponic crops

The Aquaponics Association released a sign-on statement to express its view against a lawsuit that is attempting to strip organic eligibility from hydroponics and other container-based agriculture.

Statement on the organic certification of aquaponic crops
November 25, 2020

The Aquaponics Association released the 2020 Statement on the Organic Certification of Aquaponic Crops to explain to policy-makers, the media, the public and other industry players that aquaponics is a perfect fit for the Organic label; and that losing Organic-eligibility will set back this vital, sustainable industry. Over 200 organizations and individuals already signed the statement.

“We have to raise our voices to keep aquaponics, hydroponics and other controlled-environment growing eligible for USDA Organic certification. A lawsuit against the USDA is attempting to strip organic-eligibility from hydroponics and other “container-based” agriculture, which will impact aquaponics growers,” the association said.

See the full statement and signatories here.

In addition to this public sign-on statement, the Aquaponics Association has formally signed an Amicus Brief to the Court, expressing its view that aquaponics and other “container-based” growing must remain Organic-eligible. The Amicus brief was organized by the Coalition for Sustainable Organics.

This campaign will persist even after the court case. You can sign here.