Top Ten Facts Canadians Don't Know About Aquaculture

Billion dollar industry launches national awareness campaign

November 20, 2008

Top Ten Facts Canadians Don't Know About Aquaculture

The Canadian aquaculture industry today launched a national awareness campaign to educate the country about its billion dollar industry.

"In these uncertain economic times, aquaculture is a bright light driving the Canadian economy," said Ruth Salmon, new executive director of the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance. "Despite its growing contribution to the economy, our industry is largely misunderstood by Canadians. Few people know that aquaculture occurs in every Canadian province - even the Yukon. Canadian finfish and shellfish farmers produce more than 70 types of seafood, and have become world leaders in growing safe, hearty-healthy seafood."

The following is a Top Ten list of facts Canadians don't know about our aquaculture industry:

  1. Aquaculture occurs in every Canadian province, including the Yukon.
  2. Canada's aquaculture industry produces more than a dozen types of seafood.
  3. Aquaculture is a billion dollar industry in Canada.
  4. More than 85 percent of Canada's aquaculture production is exported.
  5. 16,000 Canadians are employed in aquaculture.
  6. Sixty two percent of Canadian consumers have purchased farmed salmon in the past 12 months.
  7. Aquaculture produces fresh seafood year round.
  8. Farmed and wild seafood offer the same health benefits.
  9. Half of all seafood eaten by people around the world is farmed.
  10. Without aquaculture, the world will face a seafood shortage of 50-80 million tonnes by 2030.

A Top Ten list brochure is available at CAIA's new website.