Trouw Nutrition opens new facility in India

The new facility in Jadcherla, Hyderabad will deliver superior quality minerals, vitamin premixes, mineral blends and feed safety solutions for all species – poultry, dairy, aqua and pets – in South Asia.

Trouw Nutrition opens new facility in India
December 16, 2020

Trouw Nutrition completed its technologically advanced, first-of-a-kind greenfield project in Jadcherla (Hyderabad), India. The new facility is expected to deliver superior quality minerals, vitamin premixes, mineral blends and feed safety solutions for customers in South Asia and all species – poultry, dairy, aqua and pets. The virtual inauguration of this high-end industrial facility was honored by the ambassador of the Netherlands, Marten Van den Berg on December 11, 2020.

Trouw Nutrition has ramped up its operations in the South Asian and Indian market in the past three years with the state-of-the-art production facility in Jadcherla, Hyderabad. The company’s unique “Nutrace” program, a food safety and quality initiative of Nutreco, ensures end-to-end quality and traceability and emphasis on feed-to-food safety. The entire manufacturing process is automated right from raw material handling to bagging at the plant so that the final product is completely untouched by human hands.

The plant at Jadcherla has a total capacity of 20,000 metric tons per year. Its unique 45-meter tower ensures uniform mixing for a high-quality product to meet our customer’s needs. The cold store made available at the facility helps the storage of vitamins and heat-sensitive ingredients. Remaining true to Nutreco’s commitment to sustainability, the facility also recycles liquid waste for environmental safety and harvest rainwater for minimal impact on the environment. The facility is expected to reach full capacity utilization by 2025.

Saurabh Shekhar, GM – South Asia, Nutreco, said that “with this new facility at Jadcherla, we would like to make our contribution to the prestigious, Atmanirbhar Bharat – “Make in India” initiative, as well as equally focus on the development of innovative products and solutions to help customers achieve better, faster and more sustainable results, globally. As an innovation-driven organization, we bring enormous operational efficiencies with lesser turnaround time and better customization to meet customer needs. Telangana is centrally located and one of the most investor-friendly states. It is also a major belt for poultry and aqua with logistical access to good ports.”

“Asia and India are key to achieving our mission of “Feeding the Future”. We already have plants in Japan, China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Myanmar to strengthen our presence in Asia,” said Jurrien Zandbergen, managing director, Nutreco Asia. “Our establishment in Jadcherla, Hyderabad is our way of reinforcing our commitment to South Asia and Indian markets. This is just the beginning of our journey to gain a strong foothold here.”

Nutreco has both organic and inorganic growth plans to expand its footprint in the South Asia region. Though currently, the company’s thrust is on B2B segment, in the future it may look at the B2F segment. By doing so, Trouw Nutrition remains focused on providing responsible, cost-effective products and solutions to the customers and progressive farmers.