TSA Elects New Board, Reports Lower Production for 2006

Somsak has been re-elected president of the Thai Shrimp Association amid lowered projections for 2006 production
May 9, 2006

A new board of directors was elected at the annual meeting of the Thai Shrimp Association held in late April  Mr. Somsak Paneetatyasai, who has been re-elected as president, said the new board of directors for the year 2006-2007 comprises 20 members with representation from different sectors of shrimp industry such as shrimp farming, hatcheries, and processing plants.  The directors are qualified, experienced and dedicated to work for the betterment and sustainability of the Thai shrimp industry, Paneetatyasai said 


There are signs that shrimp production this year may be lower than projected.  More than 50% of total shrimp delivered to Mahachai auction market in March and April average smaller than 80 pieces per kilogram.  Normally only 40% are shrimp of this small size.  Price for this size has also dropped by Bht5-10 per kilogram.  Thus, production of larger size shrimp expected to be harvested in the third quarter will not be as abundant because a lot of small shrimp will have been harvested.


“Disease outbreaks are found in various shrimp farming regions.  In the south, farmers are constantly faced with white spot disease, taura and bacterial infections. In the central and eastern regions, there are problems with yellow head and white spot.  Moreover, both lower and upper south are faced with changing weather conditions resulting in heavy rainfalls.  Many farmers have to resort to emergency harvests. Information gathered from Movement Documents of the Department of Fisheries show production of black tiger and white shrimp from January to March this year was 10% lower than the same period last year.  Stocking of shrimp fries in the four month period from December 2005 to March 2006 also dropped by 16%.  Volume of sea-caught shrimp also declined due to the high fuel prices forcing fishing boats to remain at port.  Disease plaguing freshwater shrimp farming still has not been resolved.  All in all, total shrimp production this year will definitely be lower.  For farmed shrimp in the next two months, I do not expect high production as many have anticipated,”  Mr. Aekpoj Yodpinij, secretary of Thai Shrimp Association and a representative from the shrimp farming sector reported.


Prices of white shrimp at the Talay Thai Mahachai auction market as of May 9, 2006 are Bht155, 125, 110, 100, 90 and 85 for sizes 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100 pieces per kilogram respectively.