Turning fish waste into profit

New technology offers the aquaculture industry a way to turn a profit from fish sludge and uneaten fish food – while getting rid of their waste in a sustainable way.

September 11, 2019

A revolutionary new method by Hyperthermics, effectively transforms fish waste into a powder containing a high level of protein. The powder can be sold as a feed ingredient. The process also creates environmentally friendly biogas which will be used to operate the production.

"Our method cuts waste costs in the land-based aquaculture industry. At the same time it opens up a whole new source of income for the entire aquaculture industry", said COO Erlend Haugsbø, who explained their latest accomplishment. He believes it’s only a question of time before the sea-based aquaculture facilities are obligated to harvest and handle the fish sludge from their fish cages in closed containment systems. The Hyperthermics technology is a good incentive for the industry to embrace and introduce green and sustainable solutions such as this. He said Hyperthermics is probably the first provider worldwide to make protein mass and biogas of fish sludge, both in under 24 hours.

"We are also looking into the possibility of using the same method on similar waste types", he added.

This "protein factory"transforms fish sludge from fish farms into a high quality protein powder and sustainable biogas, using living hypertermophilic organisms – in under 24 hours. The biogas can be used to power the factory.

The company has a unique technology, in which living organisms are used to create renewable energy, mainly in the form of environmentally friendly biogas.
"Our bacteria have already been doing environmental work on our planet for billions of years. Now that we have trained them to perform their green magic in our reactors – they do the world’s fastest decomposition of biomass. And it’s even greener than before, as they reduce climate gas emissions by producing biohydrogen or biomethane inside the reactors", said Haugsbø.