US Ag Secretary Announces $200 Million To Promote U.S. Food And Agricultural Products Overseas

$5.5 million for fisheries and aquaculture
November 15, 2006

US Ag Secretary  Announces $200 Million To Promote U.S. Food And Agricultural Products Overseas

Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns today announced $200 million worth of funding to 67 U.S. trade organizations to promote U.S. agricultural products overseas.

"USDA supports efforts to reach out to consumers around the world to demonstrate the high quality and variety of American food products," said Johanns. "The importance of trade is highlighted by predictions of a fourth straight year of record agricultural exports, which have become a critical part of the revenue portfolio for producers. USDA will continue to help our farmers and ranchers gain access to growing global markets."

Once final numbers are tallied, U.S. agricultural exports for fiscal year 2006 are expected to be $68 billion, up from the previous record of $62.5 billion last year. Fiscal year 2007 exports are expected to reach $72 billion—setting yet another record.

The fiscal year 2006 allocations announced today will be administered under the Foreign Agricultural Service's Market Access Program (MAP). The MAP uses funds from USDA's Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) to share the costs of overseas marketing and promotional activities with U.S. agricultural trade organizations, state regional groups, and cooperatives. Activities conducted with MAP funding include market research, consumer promotions for retail products, and seminars to educate overseas customers.

Allocations include $5,116,061 to Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute and $406,886 to The Catfish Institute. See below for full list:


Market Access Program Allocations - Fiscal Year 2006

MAP Participant FY 2006 Allocations
Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute $5,116,061
American Forest & Paper Association $12,197,854
American Peanut Council $1,973,810
American Seed Trade Association $13,482
American Sheep Industry Association $395,713
American Soybean Association $4,623,364
Blue Diamond Growers/Almond Board of California $2,327,044
Brewers Association $195,282
California Agricultural Export Council/Western Growers Association $1,426,335
California Asparagus Commission $240,835
California Cherry Advisory Board $537,580
California Cling Peach Board $419,070
California Kiwifruit Commission $138,449
California Pear Advisory Board $480,170
California Pistachio Commission $1,298,037
California Prune Board $1,824,791
California Strawberry Commission $874,105
California Table Grape Commission $5,793,964
California Tomato Commission/Florida Tomato Committee $684,906
California Tree Fruit Agreement $2,689,884
California Walnut Commission $4,440,311
Cherry Marketing Institute $188,861
Cotton Council International $16,702,650
Cranberry Marketing Committee $1,806,608
Distilled Spirits Council $93,196
Florida Department of Citrus $3,869,511
Food Export USA Northeast $6,620,306
Ginseng Board of Wisconsin $114,754
Hawaii Papaya Industry Association $64,494
Hop Growers of America $38,912
Intertribal Agriculture Council $484,299
Mid-America International Agri-Trade Council $8,046,096
Mohair Council of America $128,723
National Association of State Departments of Agriculture $2,713,554
National Confectioners Association $1,311,062
National Dry Bean Council $1,236,347
National Honey Board $206,145
National Potato Promotion Board (USA Potato Board) $6,091,366
National Renderers Association $860,149
National Sunflower Association $982,636
National Watermelon Promotion Board $174,090
New York Wine and Grape Foundation $329,322
Northwest Wine Promotion Coalition $752,413
Organic Trade Association $301,896
Pear Bureau Northwest $2,967,351
Pet Food Institute $1,493,158
Raisin Administrative Committee $2,378,825
Southern United States Trade Association $8,265,669
Sunkist Growers, Inc. $3,613,372
Texas Produce Export Association $87,145
The Catfish Institute $406,886
The Popcorn Board $271,737
U.S. Apple Association $811,697
U.S. Dairy Export Council $5,528,848
U.S. Grains Council $7,711,058
U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council $217,452
U.S. Livestock Genetics, Inc. $1,630,893
U.S. Meat Export Federation $18,089,139
U.S. Wheat Associates $6,299,107
USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council $879,266
USA Poultry and Egg Export Council $4,953,751
USA Rice Federation/U.S. Rice Producers Association $4,667,954
Washington State Fruit Commission $650,280
Washington Apple Commission $4,082,167
Welch's Food $1,017,074
Western United States Agricultural Trade Association $13,057,609
Wine Institute $6,751,256
Reserve $3,359,868
TOTAL $200,000,000