USA - Commercial scale production of sustainable, insect-based feeds

EnviroFlight has achieved commercial scale production of insect-based aquaculture feeds produced from bio-fuel co-products
September 12, 2012

Yellow Springs, Ohio-based EnviroFlight was founded with the mission to develop insect-based feed ingredients and nutritionally balanced diets that support optimal performance and animal health. EnviroFlight’s patent-pending technologies make it possible to commercially produce aquaculture and specialty feeds from bio-fuel co-products. 

At the center of EnviroFlight’s processes is the industrial cultivation of hermetia illucens (black soldier fly), resulting in the cost-effective production of complete aquaculture diets with reduced reliance on fish meal and fish oil.

According to the recently released “USDA and Department of Commerce Joint Subcommittee on Aquaculture Research and Development Strategic Plan”, the United States has bountiful freshwater and marine natural resources, plentiful feed grains produced in the heartland, a world-class aquaculture R&D infrastructure, and scientists, pioneers, and entrepreneurs to drive innovations and novel discoveries. The potential for sustainable growth of the aquaculture industry is indisputable. Today, however, the United States is a minor producer, supplying only about 5 percent of the seafood consumed domestically.

Glen Courtright, CEO of EnviroFlight stated that, “Three years of applied research and development resulted in a scalable, modular technology capable of producing a toxin-free, environmentally friendly, sustainable source of nutrition for aquaculture. Our technology converts the co-products from ethanol plants and breweries into a consistent, high-value source of animal and vegetable protein”. He further states, “We have implemented an extensive in-house, aquaculture diet research and development capability. We carefully formulate and test our diets using our own recirculating aquaculture system, on-farm trials, and collaboration with The Ohio State University South Centers. We are taking the necessary, disciplined steps to bring quality, cost-effective, sustainable aquaculture feeds to the market place.”

EnviroFlight is currently providing high quality feeds to zoos and nationwide pet food distributors. EnviroFlight currently supplies regional freshwater prawn farmers with high quality, sustainable feeds. EnviroFlight has a number of aquaculture feed formulations undergoing testing at this time, including tilapia, catfish, and trout. EnviroFlight expects to commercially release its aquaculture feeds in spring of 2013 through direct sales and selected distributors.