USSEC Provides Technical Service to Fish Producers in Colombia

USSEC recently provided technical services and held a seminar for Colombian fish producers to help increase tilapia production.
September 16, 2015

USSEC consultants Dr Greg Lutz and Jairo Amezquita, together with staff from a local aquafeed mill, recently visited fish producers in the cities of Pereira, La Union, Ginebra and Palmira, and held a seminar for 60 people about genetic improvements to Colombia’s existing tilapia strains, which would help increase both fish production and the consumption of US Soy products.

Dr. Lutz emphasized the current necessity for improving the strains of tilapia available in the region and the importance of local aqua production. He also talked about fair practices management.

Mr. Amezquita spoke about USSEC’s role in the development of aquaculture in Latin American,” where he emphasized the opportunity for Latin America and Colombia in particular, to diversify with new species. He also provided information on trial results of studies using US soybean meal, soy protein concentrate and isolate protein in the diets of some aqua species.

The two consultants visited six tilapia farms to determine the quality of the tilapia strains in use and recommended genetic improvement to increase production and help build more resistant strains to ease the challenges to production. They also met with the Colombian Federation of Fish Farmers (FEDEACUA) and government agencies in charge of aquaculture, to talk about sanitary issues at fish farms