Wenger Extrusion Group announces purchase of Source Technology A/S

Inline sampling and real time analysis becomes key to full integration
February 11, 2012

The Wenger Extrusion Group (comprised of Wenger Manufacturing, Inc., Extru-Tech, Inc., and Corporate Project Services) has announced the acquisition of Source Technology A/S, the leading provider of inline analysis systems used in food and feed manufacturing. Headquartered in Kolding, Denmark, Source Technology supplies inline sampling and analysis systems to four key industries involving pellets and powders. 

Source Technology leverages its innovative expertise to help manufacturers enhance product quality, improve energy and operational efficiencies and increase food safety regulation compliance. Typical applications for Source Technology inline analysis devices include measuring of bulk density, tap density, moisture content, product sizing, particle sizing, NIR analysis, burned particle detection, color intensity, dust testing, durability testing, floating test and much more.

The Wenger Extrusion Group, headquartered in Sabetha, Kansas, is a global designer, manufacturer and full service provider of extrusion processing systems. The acquisition of Source Technology will strengthen their ability to provide a full scope of automated extrusion technology systems with enhanced process control.  Wenger systems are installed in over 90 countries, and are supported through 330 extrusion-specific professionals based in twelve global locations. Wenger manufactures and supports the industry’s most comprehensive series of extruders, dryers and controls for the commercial production of pet food, human food, aquatic and livestock feeds.