What you should know about producing both floating and sinking feeds

Although the primary purposes of using cooking extrusion equipment to produce all aquatic feeds is similar or even the same, the challenges and problems can be quite different depending on the final density.

August 27, 2018

Dana Nelson will introduce some of the lessons learned from the challenges of past and discuss equipment solutions directed at solving these problems in his presentation at the Aquafeed Workshop in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Dana Nelson is a past owner of Nelson & Son's, Inc. (SilverCup USA). Dana has over 25 years’ experience producing aquaculture feeds of all types. His primary strength is his exposure to commercial production issues.

The Aquafeed Mexico Workshop will take place September 27, 2018 during the 13th International Aquaculture Forum (Foro Internacional Acuicultura)at the Hotel Presidente Intercontinental, Guadalajara, Mexico. It will be in English and Spanish.

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