World Shrimp Markets 2004

Conference in Spain to examine the impact of supply and demand on the European shrimp market
July 30, 2004

Global shrimp trade is still dominated by wild-caught shrimp, yet increasingly the trend in production is moving towards aquaculture.  With the continued development of the Asian and Latin-American shrimp industries these regions are increasingly securing their share of the world’s major shrimp markets.

 What is the impact of the supply of farmed shrimp from Asia and Latin-America on European coldwater shrimp producers? 
 What marketing and growth strategies are the coldwater shrimp producers employing to ensure that they retain their share of an increasingly competitive and difficult marketplace? 
 What is the outlook for the global shrimp industry and what are the future prospects for shrimp supply to Europe, Japan and the US, particularly in light of the current economic conditions and the US anti-dumping case?

World Shrimp Markets 2004, to take place in Madrid Spain October 26-27, 2004, will examine the global outlook for shrimp supply, the key trends that are influencing the European market and how these trends are affecting demand and impacting price levels on a global basis. An analysis of global production and market trends is followed by an in-depth examination of key product and retail market opportunities and regulation and food safety issues.

Most importantly, this conference will analyse future prospects for the global shrimp industry and assess the key trends that will shape the shrimp industry in the years ahead.  This will be the premier meeting for all producers, buyers, suppliers, traders, exporters, importers and industry analysts from around the world. 

Conference Speakers & Highlights Include:

Market Demand for Fresh Shrimp
Ram Susen Avasarala, Director General
Unima Europe, Monaco

European Coldwater Shrimp Production
Øystein Pettersen, Marketing Director
Stella Polaris AS, Norway

India: Increasing Shrimp Sales to the EU
G. Mohan Kumar, Chairman
MPEDA, India

China: Operating in an Increasingly Competitive and Regulated Industry
Didier Boon, Managing Director
East China Seas Holding Corporation, China

The US Market: Set for Further Increases in Shrimp Prices?
Antonio Diaz, President & CEO
Ocean Garden Products, USA

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