AFIA working toward healthier world through advanced animal nutrition

The American Feed Industry Association released its annual report, detailing the operational challenges facing today’s animal feed manufacturers.

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August 31, 2023

The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) released its annual, “Our Industry, Our Promise” report, detailing the operational challenges facing today’s animal feed and pet food manufacturers and actions the AFIA is taking to address them. The report provides an analysis of the animal food industry’s contribution to the U.S. and global economies and the forces making it difficult to conduct business. It also provides an inside look at efforts underway to usher the federal regulation of animal feed into the 21st century and steps the industry is taking to better protect animal and human health while producing safer, more sustainable food.

“In recent years, the importance of advanced animal nutrition in ensuring the well-being of animals and human health has gained increased awareness,” said Mike Gauss, AFIA Board chair (2022-23) and president of Kent Nutrition Group, Inc. “As consumers become more discerning about the origin and quality of the food they consume, the demand for healthier and more sustainably produced animal products has significantly risen. Our association plays a crucial role in meeting these demands.”

The report highlights that the U.S. animal food industry is on the cutting edge of animal nutrition and breakthroughs, but unfortunately, it is stymied by slow, confusing and unpredictable regulatory review processes that deter innovators from bringing their products to the U.S. marketplace. In terms of supply chain, persistent bottlenecks on U.S. highways, railroads and ports continue to increase manufacturers’ business costs.

Other sections include animal food safety, including preparing manufacturing facilities for routine Food and Drug Administration inspections, safeguarding against potential animal disease outbreaks, protecting worker health and calling for the continued safe use of formaldehyde in swine and poultry feed.

Global policy challenges are addressed, including averting a potentially catastrophic trade crisis with U.S. exports in the event of a foreign animal disease outbreak, advocating for sound international policy at the national level and within global fora, holding U.S. trading partners accountable and opening new markets for U.S. animal food exporters in key countries.

The industry's progress in sustainability is assessed, including standing up for the animal food industry in international dialogues as a solution to global food security and climate challenges as well as equipping members with resources needed to meet their customers’ and stakeholders’ sustainability pledges.