Aquaculture Asia Magazine Vol. XVI, No. 2 April-June 2011

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August 18, 2011

In this issue:
Peter Edwards writes on rural aquaculture: A visit to Vientianne, Lao PDR
The princess of aquaculture and the plights of the fish farmers - Krishna, R.R., Rao, K.V.P. and Reddy, D.M.
Development of captive broodstock of giant river prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii - Pillai, B.R., Sahoo, L., Lalrinsanga, Mohanty, S. and Sahu, S.
Alien introduction and its impact on native fishery and aquatic biodiversity of West Bengal, India - Chattopadhyay, N.R., Kumari, A., and Sahoo, U.
Ecological impacts of exotic fish species in India - Singh, A.K. and Lakra, W.S.
Farm-made feeds support good growth and survival of the humpback grouper - Shapawi, R., Mustafa, S., Ng, W.-K.
An easy way to hold live fish - Kowarsky, J.
Litopenaeus vannamei introduction: Sound management or expediency?
 - Regunathan, C. and Kitto, M.R.
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