EUROPE - Aquaculture up by 13.6 per cent, thanks to salmon

Norwegian salmon drove growth in an otherwise stable European aquaculture, the latest FEAP annual report says
July 3, 2014

Total European aquaculture production reached 2,174,650 tons in 2013, a 13.6% increase compared to 2011, mainly attributable to Norwegian salmon. Production of other species has remained stable. According to the recently released annual report of the Federation of European Aquaculture Producers (FEAP), Marine cold water species represent 71.6% (1,557 444 tons) of total production, fresh water species 15.3% (333,451 tons)and marine Mediterranean species 13.1% (283,755 tons).

Detailed Production data 2003-2012

The FEAP Annual Report 2014 provides an overview of European fish farming and the issues affecting its development. Download (PDF) from the link below.