FAO Aquaculture Newsletter (FAN) No. 51 June 2013

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October 31, 2013


7th Session of the COFI Sub-Committee on Aquaculture

8th Session of the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean Committee on Aquaculture

4th Annual Meeting of the Aquaculture Network for Africa

Bangladesh develops a National Aquaculture Development Strategy and Action Plan

Development of a Sub-regional Strategy for Improving Biosecurity (aquatic animal health) in the Sub-regional countries of the Mozambique Channel

Spatial Planning Development Programme for Marine Capture Fisheries and Aquaculture

Project Updates/Progress Reports

Biosecurity governance in Indonesia’s shrimp aquaculture kicks off through TCP/INS/3402

Support to South-South Cooperation between Namibia and Viet Nam (GCP/NAM/014/SPA)

Aquaculture information management system in Thailand (TCP/THA/3304)

Capacity strengthening of International Agricultural Training Centres for improved South-South cooperation in China (TCP/CPR/3303)

Improving national carp seed production system in Nepal (TCP/NEP/3303)

Seed production and rearing of ark shell and sea urchin species in DPR Korea (TCP/DPR/3304)

Development of community-based milkfish farming in Nomuka Island and Tongatapu in Tonga (TCP/TON/3402)

Thematic Articles

Use of renewable energy in aquaculture

Gender mainstreaming in fisheries and aquaculture: building capacity and strong cases to drive the gender agenda forward

Aquaculture initiatives on prudent and responsible use of veterinary medicines

FAO participates in the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) project “Sustaining Ethical Aquaculture Trade”

World Aquaculture Performance Indicators: a user friendly tool

What happens when hepatopancreas – shrimp’s main organ for food absorption, digestion and storage –becomes infected with a pathogen?

Managing sea cucumber fisheries in the Indian Ocean and expansion of regional aquaculture operations

Aquaculture development in Kenya: towards a thriving business venture

Aquaculture and fisheries in rice-based ecosystems: training activities and field studies under the FAO Asia Regional

Rice Initiative Pilot Programme

Indicator system for measuring the contribution of small-scale aquaculture to sustainable rural development

Training Courses

National training on aquafeed production and management in the Kyrgyz Republic

Site selection, allocated zones for aquaculture and site management for coastal marine aquaculture

Small-scale aquaponics launched in Ethiopia by FAO under the SmartFish project

New Staff Profile

Tribute to Prof. James Muir

New Publications

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