Finfish News - Issue 10, Winter/Spring 2011

Finfish News is a bi-annual publication produced and edited by Cefas scientists on behalf of Defra. It now incorporates Trout News, In this issue ...
August 3, 2011


•Debate: Should UK Aquaculture double by 2020?
•Recognition of freedom from Spring Viraemia of Carp (SVC) for the United Kingdom
•The importance of vaccines
•Red mark syndrome: are we getting closer to a solution?
•Genetic resistance to IPN in Atlantic salmon fry
•Illegal imports of live freshwater fish
•In-river aquaculture effluents and wild salmonids
•Cefas announcements
•Environment Agency announcements
•FISHNEWSEU.COM announcements
•FISHUPDATE.COM announcements
•FIS.COM Fish Information and Services announcements
•Marine Conservation Society announcement
Research News               

In the Press                      

Information File                              
•The Fish Health Inspectorate and You
•Where to get help and advice
•Useful publications
•The activities of Cefas Weymouth
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