Fishery Industry Profile - Russia

This FAO report gives an overview of the Russian fishery sector and highlight the latest trends in catches, production and trade
August 25, 2005

Fishery Industry Profile - Russia
By: Ekaterina Tribiloustova
Published: June, 2005 by  FAO GLOBEFISH
No. of pages: 70
Price: EUR 30

Before the Soviet Union disintegrated, the Russian fishery industry was the world's third largest behind Japan and China. It accounted for one-quarter of the world's production of fresh and frozen fish and about one-third of the world output of canned fish. Despite a significant fall output after 1990 for economic, politic and climatic reasons, Russia is still among the world's top ten fishery producers. Moreover, due to high seafood exports, growing imports and high population, Russia represents a very interesting market for the seafood industry .

The aim of this report is to give a comprehensive overview of the Russian fishery sector and highlight the latest trends in catches, production and trade.

The first chapter briefly introduces basic characteristics of the
country: geography, population and economics. The second chapter is dedicated to the national capture fisheries; in particular the main fishing regions and the status of the Russian fishing fleet. The chapter also gives an overview of the most important farmed species (trout, carp, sturgeon, whitefish and scallop) and the latest trends in the national aquaculture sector.

Chapter three focuses on the fish processing industry describing production output and current trends in the product range. The moves towards value-added products, a wider assortment, and quality oriented production are some of the main trends observed among fish producers today. The fourth chapter gives an overview of trade and marketing issues on the Russian fisheries market. Although still underdeveloped, the retail industry is booming Russia and there is a section focusing on the changes in the distribution system and the top retail players.

The last part of the chapter describes dynamics of seafood imports and exports with an overview  of the main products and countries. Both imports and exports have grown fast in the last five years.

Annexes A, B and C provide statistics on the Russian capture fishery, aquaculture, production of processed fish, imports and exports, while annex D and E contain contact details of seafood trade companies, including exporters, importers, and producers, research institutes and other related organizations. A list of EU-approved processing plants is also provided.