Fly larvae protein now a commercial reality for aquafeed

By David ‘Wilco’ Drew, Managing Director, AgriProtein, Cape Town, South Africa (AQUAFEED: Advances in Processing & Formulation Vol 7, issue 1)
April 15, 2015

After five years of research and development, and developing production skills on first a pilot, and then demonstration plant, AgriProtein’s first commercial factory, will come on line in April 2015. Each day 100 tonnes of traceable spent organics will be used to produce 24 tonnes of natural animal protein. The company uses billions of flies housed in its factory to lay eggs that hatch into larvae and recycle the waste nutrients in the organic waste into larvae protein. The commercial facility will process 22 tonnes of larvae a day (2 tonnes are kept back for maintaining the fly colony) into 7 tonnes of MagMeal and three tonnes of MagOil.

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