India Commercial Aquafeed Market Outlook 2022 - Finfish, Carps, Catfish, Tilapia & Shellfish

A new report from Research and Markets looks at the potential for aquafeed production and sales in the Indian sub-continent to 2022.
January 20, 2016

The Indian subcontinent, with a rich biodiversity of fish species, has emerged as an important aquaculture country, particularly in the fresh water environment. As India is the second largest producer of fish, it provides an immense opportunity for aquafeed manufacturers to tap the growing demand for commercial aquafeed.

Farmers are shifting from traditional ways of feeding aquatic species to commercial feeding. In addition, a number of schemes and subsidies are being promoted by the government to encourage aquaculture. This in turn is accelerating the Indian commercial aquafeed market.

India Commercial Aquafeed Market Outlook 2022 provides an in-depth study of the performance of the country\'s aquaculture industry in terms of inland and marine aquaculture production, along with the demand for commercial aquafeed in coming years.

The research is an outcome of extensive primary & secondary research, to identify industry trends. Analysis is informed by expert insights from fisheries, aquafeed manufacturers and aquafeed suppliers, in order to build a macro and micro level understanding of the overall aquafeed industry, and to explore opportunity in the prevailing market.

The aquafeed requirements of key farmed species such as carps, tilapia, catfish and shrimp are covered.

Key Topics include market drivers, feed conversion ratios, feed ingredienets, technology, industry restraints, government initiatives and the competitive landscape.

An overview of major players in the aquafeed industry is also given, including Avanti Feeds, SP Aquaculture, Deepak Nexgen Feed, Godrej Agrovet, Grobest Feeds Corporation India, Growel Feeds, Indian Broiler Group, Kwality Feeds, Mulpuri Foods and Feeds, Nexus Feeds, The Waterbase and Uno Feeds.

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