JOB OPENING: Lecturer/ Assistant Professor/ Associate Professor/ Professor in Animal Biotechnology (English speaking, non-Korean citizen)

College of Animal Life Sciences, Kangwon National University, Chuncheon, Republic of Korea

October 31, 2009

Position Title: Lecturer/ Assistant Professor/ Associate Professor/ Professor in Animal Biotechnology (English speaking, non-Korean citizen)


Teaching and Research Area: Animal Biotechnology

Applications are invited for a full-time faculty position (Lecturer/ Assistant Professor/ Associate Professor/ Professor in Animal Biotechnology) beginning from March 1st 2010. The faculty position is endowed by national programme at Kangwon National University with the aim of enhancing teaching and research capacity in areas of strategic importance to animal science and industry and to uplift the department status globally. The selected candidate will be an appointment in the Department of Animal Biotechnology in the College of Animal Life Sciences, Kangwon National University, Chuncheon, Republic of Korea. The faculty will assist the animal biotechnology department in imparting quality education to students and focus on research areas in developing programs to create new value-added opportunities for the animal industry sector.

The Kangwon National University along with its partners in industry and government, has established department of animal biotechnology as an integral component of its vision to establish a world-class education, research and development facilities. The department aim is to establish world-class facilities and infrastructure for teaching and research to forge ahead with innovative technologies in animal sector thereby enabling students to work globally. The selected faculty in department of animal biotechnology is a critical element of the strategy to establish College of Animal Life Sciences as one of the international leaders in animal science.


Position Description:

The selected faculty is expected to teach the undergraduate and graduate level courses although the part of time will be devoted to research and industry development. The selected candidate will be expected to establish a world-class research program in animal biotechnology areas with emphasis on establishing the link between innovative and novel technologies in animal science and the impact on the environment. The department of animal biotechnology has an exciting opportunity for a Cellular and Molecular Biologist to participate in a large multi-disciplinary program. We are looking for a candidate who can conduct research studies independently on the animal DNA and tissues using gene and protein expression analyses and cellular function studies both in vivo and in vitro. Experience in proteomics or protein biology, protein biomarker studies using animal cell cultures and tissues are required. He or she should utilize standard molecular biology techniques, such as protein biochemistry assays, ELISA assays, westerns, gel electrophoresis, PCR, RT-PCR, or equivalent for research. Apply and interpret bioinformatics tools of gene functions, pathways, and gene interaction networks. Applicants with background or research interest in Immunology or stem cell biology could also apply.

Key qualifications include:

All applicants should have a bachelor degree in science with master and a Ph. D (doctoral) degree in the fields related to animal biotechnology. A Ph.D in Biological Sciences, Molecular and Cellular Biology, or Biochemistry or equivalent experience plus two or more years of advanced experience in animal DNA and tissue culture studies using gene and protein expression analyses and cellular function is required. Demonstrated productivity in biomedical research as evidenced by first-authorship of peer-reviewed manuscripts is preferred. Candidate should have experience in standard molecular and cellular biological protocols, troubleshooting, and implementation of assays of gene expression and protein biomarkers in cells, fluids, and tissues from animals or equivalent. Experience in proteomics or protein biology and knowledge and experience with bioinformatics tools of gene functions, pathways, and gene interaction networks will be given preference. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however, post-doctoral experience along with demonstrated teaching abilities in related field is preferred. Fluency in English is a pre-requisite as well as the devoted intention for the global career development and education would be the key factor for the position. Female candidates are encouraged to apply.


The salary and benefit will be arranged by the qualifications and experience of the selected applicant based on the wage rule for National University Professors of Korea. The selected candidate automatically becomes the official of Korean Government and expected to work collaboratively with other department and college faculty members. The yearly salary would be approximately 50,000,000 Korean won (1 USD = 1150 KRW) for the position. The promotion system is based on the performance of the candidate. One university apartment or guest house within the campus will be available at dependable cost. Short-listed candidates will be provided with financial support for job interview until final selection is approved. The position will be available as soon as a suitable candidate is selected.


About us

Kangwon National University is one of the core national universities in Korea. More detailed information about the university could be obtained from weblink Information about the college and department could be obtained from weblink 


Applicants should submit:

Please see the university application document requirements below.


Deadline for Application: November 27, 2009


Submit applications by e-mail to Chair and Head of the Department of Animal Biotechnology Dr. Park, Choon-Keun on . Further queries regarding position or any related information could be addressed to member of selection committee Dr. Jayant Lohakare on . Applications for this position could directly be sent even by surface mail to:

Dean’s office

College of Animal Life Sciences, Kangwon National University,

KNU Ave.
1 Chuncheon 200-701 Republic of Korea

Fax: 82-33-251-7719, Phone: 82-33-250-8600


Please download the university policies required for position and application form from link below:


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