March/April issue GAA's the Advocate

Online version now available for free viewing and download
June 4, 2010

March/April issue GAA's the Advocate

Online version now available for free viewing and download

Tank Effects Impact Selection Responses In Shrimp Breeding
João L. Rocha, Ph.D.; Ana C. Guerrelhas; Ana K. Teixeira;Flávio A. Farias; Ana P. Teixeira

Selective Breeding Advances Hybrid Abalone – Blacklip/Greenlip Cross Has Unique Appearance, Meat Traits
Dr. Nick Elliott, Anton Krsinich, Luke McPherson, Peter Kube, Matthew Hamilton

Aquaculture Ponds Hold Carbon
Claude E. Boyd, Ph.D.

Pangasius Juveniles Tolerate Moderate Salinity In Test
Raquel Castaneda; Ruby Montoya-Ospina, Ph.D.; Michael McGee, Ph.D.; Mario Velasco, Ph.D.

Methionine Requirements Estimated For White Shrimp
Joe M. Fox, Ph.D; Addison L. Lawrence, Ph.D.; Susmita Patnaik; Ian Forster, Ph.D.; Zhi YongJu; Warren Dominy, Ph.D.

Mycotoxins In Feed Affect Fish Health, Performance
Jamie Hooft; Dominique P. Bureau, Ph.D.

Experimental Spawning, Larval Rearing Of Lane Snapper Test Diets
J. Salazar; A. Velásquez; J. Rosas; T. Cabrera, Ph.D.; J. Millán

Low-Space Bioreactors Remove Ammonia In Recirculating Systems
Gary Rogers, Ph.D., P.E.

Backup Oxygen, Power Systems Essential ‘Insurance’
James M. Eberling, Ph.D.; Paul Hightower

Rainbow Trout Attain Good Growth, Health In Tank-Based Recirculating Systems
Steven T. Summerfelt, Ph.D.; John Davidson; Christopher Good;Thomas Waldrop

Smoked Fish – Part II. Proper Salting, Drying Procedures Essential
George J. Flick, Jr., Ph.D.

Integrated Prawn-Fish-Rice Culture Aids Bangladesh Farmers, Related Workers, Economy
Nesar Ahmed, Ph.D.

Survey: Future Of Aquaculture – Stakeholders Support Growth Trend, Differ On Role Of Industry
Lacey Tudur; Jingjie Chu, Ph.D.; James L. Anderson, Ph.D.

Shrimp Aquaculture Fuels Economic Development
Iain Pollard, M.S.

European Survey Examines Consumer Health Perceptions, Fish Consumption
Ragnar Tveterås, Ph.D.

Longer Shelf Life Expands Options For Prepared Seafood Products
Barry Nash, M.S.

U.S. Shrimp Imports Slip For 2009, Tigers In Demand U.S. 2009 Salmon Imports Even With 2008, Chilean Fresh Fillets Down 45%
Lent Buying Strong For Fresh Tilapia Fillets, Frozen Market Steady
Paul Brown, Jr.; Janice Brown; Angel Rubio

High-Density Split-Pond Systems Offer High Output, Low Maintenance
Craig S. Tucker, Ph.D.; Susan K. Kingsbury

Whole Genome Sequencing Of Aquaculture Species
Zhanjiang (John) Liu, Ph.D.; Eric Peatman, Ph.D.

Palm Oil Replaces Fish Oil In Tilapia Feed – Substitution Also Increases Shelf Life
Wing-Keong Ng, Ph.D.; Osan Maroof Bahurmiz, M.S.

Mutton Snappers Grow Well On Plant-Based Diets
Alberto J. P. Nunes, Ph.D.; Luíz E. L. Freitas, M.S.; Marcelo V. C. Sá, Ph.D.

Protein Hydrolysates In Larval Fish Nutrition – Yeast, Pig Blood Hydrolysates Substitute For Fishmeal In Study
Enric Gisbert, Ph.D.; Ali Skalli, Ph.D.

Study: Oral Method Vaccinates Rainbow Trout Against IHNV
Yan Zheng, Ph.D.; John Eley,Ph.D.; Ram Veerubotla, Sophie St. Hilaíre, Ph.D.; Malcolm Shields, Ph.D.;Peter Sheridan, Ph.D.; Ryan Marcum, Marie Adomako,Wendy Sealey, Ph.D.; Brian Donahower, Ph.D.; Scott LaPatra, Ph.D.

Study Finds Alternative Anesthetic Safe For Tilapia Fingerlings, Breeders
César Molina, M.S.; Luis Vásconez

GAA Statement On WWF Tilapia Standards –
Marketplace Seeks Comprehensive Standards –
Time For Harmony

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