Optimize for Profit Proceedings

Full proceedings from the Workshop "Optimize for Profit", held in Bangkok, Thailand, March 2006
October 13, 2006

Proceedings from OPTIMIZE FOR PROFIT, a one-day technical workshop, presented by during Victam Asia 2006, in Bangkok Thailand.

  • Introduction: Aquafeed in Thailand  — Dr. Juadee Pongmaneerat, Department of Fisheries, Thailand
  • Nutritional approaches to aquatic animal health and  performance improvements: What can we learn  from terrestrial nutrition? — Dr Dan Fegan, Alltech
  • Tailoring the feed formulation for maximizing profit ability: farm demonstrations with white shrimp in Latin America — Dr. Peter Coutteau, INVE Aquaculture
  • Soy proteins in aqua feeds: benefits and shortcomings — Lars Andersen, Hamlet Protein
  • Improving nutrient delivery through attractants: implications for nutritionists and formulators — Dr.   A. Victor Suresh, Bentoli Inc.
  • Formulation software and handling variability — Merryl Webster, Format International Ltd
  • Optimizing size reduction technology to process better quality, more profitable aquafeeds — Gary Minor, Mill Technology
  • The truth about moisture uniformity and equilibrium — Paul D. McKeithan, Aeroglide Corporation 
  • Making more profit with New Technologies for Aquafeed — Dr. Mian Riaz, Texas A&M
    Increasing aquatic feed production rates through plant optimization— Galen J. Rokey, Wenger Mfg.
  • Optimization of formulation and product quality parameters of extruded aquafeeds — Stuart Howsam, Buhler AG

 Plus bonus papers

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