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FAO: Monthly News Report on Grains

Nov 2, 2017 — In the October FAO News Report on Grains, it is reported that some of Europe’s biggest trade partners fear a potential EU ban on glyphosate could hit exports of crops ranging from Australian wheat to Brazilian soybeans. It was also reported that world grain markets have a recipe for strong volatility.

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USDA ERS: October 2017 Oil Crops Outlook

Oct 26, 2017 — Compared to the prior estimate, sown soybean acreage for 2017/18 is estimated up 694,000 acres to a record 90.2 million. Even with the higher acreage, USDA’s October Crop Production report shaved the U.S. soybean production forecast for 2017/18 by 422,000 bushels to 4.431 billion. Global soybean production in 2017/18 is forecast down 0.6 million metric tons this month to 347.9 million.

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USDA ERS: October 2017 Feed Outlook

Oct 26, 2017 — A 1.9-bushel-per-acre increase in U.S. projected corn yield for 2017/18 raised production nearly 100 million bushels to 14.280 billion. Feed and residual use is raised 25 million bushels. World 2017/18 coarse grain production is projected higher this month. Foreign corn production is up but is almost offset by reduced output of oats, rye, millet, and mixed grain.

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Market Report: Indian Commercial Aquafeed Market - The Changing Market Landscape

Sep 20, 2017 — The new report “Indian Commercial Aquafeed Market - The Changing Market Landscape” provides in-depth study of India\'s aquaculture industry\'s performance in terms of inland and marine aquaculture production, along with the demand of commercial aquafeed in the coming years. According to the study, Andhra Pradesh accounts for 22% of India’s total commercial aquafeed consumption followed by West Bengal. The report includes state-wise fish production volume for inland and marine fishes and state-wise potential demand for commercial aquafeed and its consumption.

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Market Report: Global Feed Aquafeed Market 2017

Sep 8, 2017 — The Global Feed Aquafeed Market 2017 report presents a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the global aquafeed market. The report provides a basic overview of the aquafeed market including definitions, classifications, applications and industry chain structure. Aquafeed market predictions along with the statistical implications presented in the report deliver an accurate scenario of the aquafeed market. The market forces determining the shaping of the global aquafeed market have been evaluated in detail.

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Paper: Functional Feed Additives in Aquaculture

Aug 31, 2017 — According to a paper published in International Aquafeed (July 2017), functional feed additives can reduce the impact of an Enteromyxum leei infection on performance and disease severity, as evidenced by an experimental challenge with gilthead sea bream.

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Societal and Economic Impacts of Aquaculture

Aug 10, 2017 — Most insights into aquaculture\'s societal effects come from developing nations. In industrial nations, aquaculture is known to bring jobs and infrastructure, particularly to isolated rural areas. Many aquaculture industries in developed nations suffer from low availability of high-paying jobs combined with a lack of appropriately trained staff willing to work in menial positions for low wages. Nonetheless, job retention in isolated areas helps stabilize community structure and drives secondary industry and services.

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Special Virtual Issue of JWAS

Aug 3, 2017 — To coincide with the WAS Asian-Pacific Aquaculture 2017 convention in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the Journal of the World Aquaculture (JWAS) has compiled a Special Virtual Issue of papers that highlight aquaculture research in the Asian-Pacific Region. These papers will be available to download for free until August 27, 2017.

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Market Report: Feed Enzymes Market Worth 1,428.6 Million USD by 2022

Jul 13, 2017 — A new report has valued the feed enzymes market at USD 842.9 Million in 2016. It is projected to grow at a CAGR of 9.3% from 2017, to reach 1,428.6 Million by 2022. With the globally increasing demand for fish and fish-based products, the demand for feed enzymes in the aquafeed industry is also projected to increase. The rising cost of fishmeal has further encouraged feed manufacturers to use enzymes in aquafeed as an economical alternative protein sources.

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Survey of nutrient levels in commercial shrimp feeds in India

Jul 13, 2017 — Since 2013, Nutriad has surveyed the composition of commercial shrimp feeds in India. Feeds have been analyzed on a range of nutritional parameters. The present study investigated the different nutritional strategies in commercial shrimp feeds during 2016, when the number of shrimp feed suppliers increased sharply. Feed samples of 8 major brands were collected in the market and analyzed for proximate composition as well as a number of essential nutrients (amino acids, phospholipids, cholesterol, n-3 highly unsaturated fatty acids).

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USDA ERS: June 2017 Feed Outlook

Jun 21, 2017 — Projected U.S. 2017/18 feed and residual use for the four feed grains (corn, sorghum, barley, and oats) and wheat is 147.5 million metric tons this month, 0.6 million higher than last month and 3.3 million below last year’s revised 150.8 million on a September-August marketing year basis. World coarse grain production is projected to reach 1,310.3 million tons in 2017/18, a reduction of 1.5 million from last month’s forecast.

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EU Commission launches comprehensive EU protein balance sheet

Apr 13, 2017 — COCERAL, Copa-Cogeca, FEDIOL and FEFAC welcome comprehensive overview of protein crops used for feed purposes in the EU.

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Higher fish but lower micronutrient intakes: temporal changes in fish consumption from capture fisheries and aquaculture in Bangladesh

Apr 13, 2017 — Aquaculture systems are designed to maximise productivity, with little consideration for nutritional quality of fish produced, a new study claims. People in Bangladesh are eating more fish, but less wild caught and more aquacultured; despite increased total fish consumption, there were significant decreases in nutritional benefit.

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Single cell proteins (SCP) as a protein source for use in aquafeed

Apr 13, 2017 — Feeding trial results with white shrimp, grunt and Atlantic salmon show promising results

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Corn export quality report shows above average crop

Apr 12, 2017 — The U.S. Grains Council’s (USGC) corn export quality report for the 2016/2017 marketing year is now available for international grain buyers, end-users and other members of the corn value chain to download, offering confirmation of the high quality of the most recent U.S. corn crop.

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VIDEO: Ronald Hardy, Aquaculture, Food Security and the Marine Environment

Dec 28, 2016 — Dr. Ronald Hardy,Director of the Aquaculture Research Institute at the University of Idaho talk at the FSE Food and Nutrition Policy Symposium Series on October 27, 2016.

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VIDEO: Shrimp Feed Management Shrimp Feed Management

Dec 28, 2016 — Overview of concepts of feed management for shrimp aquaculture in outdoor production ponds.

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VIDEO: Aquafeed processing at Marine Harvest, Norway

Dec 28, 2016 — The world’s largest producer of Atlantic salmon, Marine Harvest takes you on a trip to the fjords of Trondheim, and shows you against the backdrop of a beautiful landscape how they successfully run a fish feed factory – with aquafeed processing solutions from Bühler.

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Changes needed if aquaculture is to fill the protein gap

Oct 22, 2016 — We need to re-think the way we approach aquaculture if it is to fulfill its potential to help meet the protein shortfall for a globally exploding population. This is the message Dr. Barry Costa-Pierce gave aquaculture stake-holders at Biomin’s World Nutrition Forum, held recently in Vancouver, Canada.

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Saithe quality near fish farms documented

Aug 24, 2016 — It\'s not only farmed salmon that eat salmon feed. Saithe and other wild fish that search for food in the ocean can be tempted to enjoy an easy meal outside the salmon cage. Here, some of the feed that is fed to the farmed fish gets through the net wall with the water currents and is an easy catch for hungry wild fish. Some saithe have made this into their speciality. This has been documented by way of a research project, where scientists have systematically caught and tested the quality of saithe near fish farms over a period of three years.

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