Present status and developmental trends of aquaculture nutrition and feed industry in China

This paper presents a review on the development of aquaculture of China in the past 50 years. The main species composition in mariculture and freshwater culture in the year 2000 is presented, and the developmental trends are predicted. We evaluate the main factors that probably threaten the sustainable development of aquaculture in China. The main areas in Chinese aquaculture that need special attention and focused studies are recommended for the near future. It is pointed out that modern biotechnology should be applied in areas such as genetic breeding, hatchery, disease diagnosis and prevention, environmental protection and restoration, nutrition and feed, etc, to support a sustainable and responsible aquaculture in China. Especially, aquaculture nutrition studies and feed industry in China are discussed in more detail. It is estimated that the gap between demand and supply of formulated feed in China aquaculture is 12 million tons a year. Large quantities of raw feedstuff and trash fish, however, are directly used in aquaculture ponds and net cages annually. Possible reasons for China lagging behind other developed countries in aquaculture nutrition and feed industry are scrutinized. Furthermore, the future directions of aquaculture nutrition studies and feed manufacture in China are also suggested
June 18, 2003