Tilapia culture book

The new second edition brings the most updated information on tilapia culture delivering new content on tilapia transfers, the use of probiotics and other additives, tilapia trade and sustainability approaches.

Tilipia culture book
November 21, 2019

Tilapia Culture, Second Edition, covers the vital issues of farmed tilapia in the world, including their biology, environmental requirements, semi-intensive culture, intensive culture systems, nutrition and feeding, reproduction, seed production and larval rearing, stress and disease, harvesting, economics, trade, marketing, the role of tilapia culture in rural development and poverty eradication, technological innovations, and the environmental impacts of tilapia culture. In addition, the book highlights the experiences of leading countries in tilapia culture, thus making it ideal for tilapia farmers and researchers who seek the most relevant research and information.

The new second edition not only brings the most updated information within each chapter, but also delivers new content on tilapia transfers, introductions and their impacts, the use of probiotics and other additives in tilapia culture, tilapia trade, marketing and sustainability approaches and practices, management practices, ecosystem approaches to tilapia culture, and value chain analyses of tilapia farming.

The book is available here.