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Brill Formulation Version 2.0 Ready for Release

Feed Management Systems has announced it will release Brill Formulation Version 2.0 in Q3 2007. Customers will be able to leverage enhanced access to key information and the ability to make modifications based on different scenarios

July 15, 2007


Feed Management Systems has announced it will release Brill Formulation Version 2.0 in Q3 2007.  With this exciting release, customers will be able to leverage enhanced access to key information and the ability to make modifications based on different scenarios.

Here are just a few of the new features:

SmartLists is an inquiry tool allowing users to utilize pre-defined or custom search criteria, to export formulation data directly to Microsoft Excel. You can now analyze, report and share data in many more formats for faster decision making. 

        Rapid analysis of changes for purchasing decisions

        Ability to run parametrics on ingredient nutrients

        Optimization enhancements

        Easy to navigate documentation

        More than 50 additional enhancements



Brill Formulation – Core formulation / Batch / Buffer / Professional Nutritionist

        Easy access to information – Included in Brill Formulation version 2.0 is a new inquiry tool called SmartLists that you can use to access your formulation data. 

        SmartList allows you to zoom to Brill Formulation windows and export information to Microsoft Excel, making it easier to use and share the data stored in Brill Formulation in many different ways. 

        SmartList uses sets of predefined search criteria, called objects, to make searching easy as well as allowing you to instantly create sophisticated searches. 

        Some of the criteria within each SmartList object have been used to create a default search, or view, for each object. By modifying the view you can create a variety of customized views.  The following are some of the objects that will be available in Version 2.0 include:


        Stored Formulas

        Stored Formulas Ingredients

        Archived Formulas

        Archived Formula Ingredients

        Solution Ingredients

        Solution Nutrients

        Run ‘zero’ ton formulas and make available to the solution report.  Customers benefit from this capability to optimize formulas that are seasonal and not being produced at the time the multi blend is run, but will be produced in a month or two (also impacts Multi-Blend).

        The ability to run parametrics on an ingredients nutrient value (also impacts Multi-Blend).


Brill Formulation Multi-Blend

        The ability to quickly update nutrient restriction across multiple formulas in one grid.

        The ability to temporarily change and save nutrient on ingredient.

        Range information now represents the price change for an ingredient in one specific formula not for all formulas

        Ability to temporarily change and save nutrient on ingredient in Multi-Blend.  This would make it much easier for a user to test an opportunity ingredient that might have different nutrient analytical values.  It could also help compare solution results for one ingredient from multiple suppliers where nutrient values are different.  This is available in Professional Nutritionist and makes for a significant ROI case for v2.0.

        Ability to add/remove ingredients/nutrients.

        Ability to save prices.

        Ability to save a stored formula to another plant.


Feed Management Systems, Inc. (FMS) is an award-winning software company providing integrated solutions for the global feed manufacturing industry to manage their nutrition, formulation and production needs. We offer real-time, integrated, scalable solutions leveraging the Microsoft technology you are familiar with today.

For over two decades, FMS has helped ensure the safety, quality and affordability of the global feed supply by providing solutions to automate and optimize formulation, pricing, ordering, labeling, delivery, risk management and regulatory compliance.

FMS has a unique position in the livestock feed industry as the single source of integrated solutions that keep thousands of ingredient manufacturers, feed mills and producers around the world working at peak efficiency. 

The FMS award-winning solutions link the critical information between feed manufacturers and their suppliers and customers; and have proven to be the lowest-risk solution provider allowing customers to achieve higher margins.

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