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Devenish unveils moisture management tool for feed production

The company, together with Perstorp, launched a patented technology that will help feed mills improve milling efficiency, prevent loss of volume, and reduce energy consumption and wastage.

Devenish unveils moisture management tool for feed production
March 24, 2022

Devenish partnered with specialty chemicals innovator Perstorp to launch a new patented technology that will help animal feed mills improve milling efficiency, prevent loss of volume, and ultimately reduce energy consumption and wastage during the milling process.

Developed in collaboration between the two companies, SmartMoisture is a unique moisture management product designed to maintain target moisture levels during the manufacturing process which delivers a range of production, performance, and economic benefits.

Globally, between 1-3% of animal feed is lost due to moisture loss and evaporation during storage and the milling process, which equates to approximately 30 million tonnes of feed wasted each year. Managing feed moisture as a feed ingredient is key to ensuring consistent feed quality and preventing these losses.

Trials carried out by Devenish and Perstorp have shown that up to 3% of moisture can be reintroduced into feed using SmartMoisture in pelleted feed and up to 4% in extruded feed, with no adverse impact on either animal performance or product quality. One of the product's unique features is that it uses the esters of propionic acid, rather than the more common salts of organic acids, which directly prevent the growth of molds and offer longer protection to the treated feed.

The new Perstorp technology will be distributed exclusively by Devenish, and their growing network of engineering specialists who have in-depth experience in installing dosing machinery at customer sites globally.

Ian Atterbury, managing director of Devenish International said that “SmartMoisture is a game-changer in managing moisture. It is the first chemical innovation in the moisture management field for a very long time. We are delighted to partner with Perstorp to add value to our customers across the globe through this innovative technology.”

Janus Fouche, product manager for SmartMoisture at Devenish explained, “We have trialed SmartMoisture across various regions and found the product performs consistently in absorbing and retaining moisture during and after production. Our customers have recorded significant savings in milling efficiencies, such as throughput and energy reduction while protecting against mold and yeast growth. As a company firmly focused on sustainability, we are very excited about the potential of this product to help our customers improve efficiency and reduce their environmental impacts, while also achieving better financial returns.”

Aart Mateboer, EVP Animal Nutrition at Perstorp, added “we at Perstorp are excited with this joint initiative where we combine Devenish's deep knowledge of the feed industry and global customer base with Perstorp's specific organic acid esterification technology, resulting in a solution that protects the feed, brings consistent feed quality and improves profitability for the feed miller.”