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New solution for onsite analysis of feeds

AgroCares will launch a next-generation Nutrient Scanner integrated with TrinamiX’s high-performance hardware.

Contract signing between Henri Hekman, CEO and founder of AgroCares, and Christian Nitschke, director IR Sensing & Spectroscopy Solutions Business at trinamiX, in Ludwigshafen, Germany. Copyright: trinamiX GmbH

September 12, 2022

AgroCares, a global ag-tech company delivering data-driven solutions for nutrient testing, has partnered with trinamiX, a provider of mobile spectroscopy, to integrate trinamiX’s high-performance hardware into AgroCares’ next-generation Nutrient Scanner solution. AgroCares will market the new solution as an upgrade to its portable Nutrient Scanner launched in 2018 and will be available on the market this autumn.

The solution relies on near-infrared technology and a connection to the AgroCares global database that will enable customers to determine on-the-spot and in real-time the chemical composition of soils, feed and leaf.

“In trinamiX, we have found a reliable partner on the hardware side to complement our data-driven industry knowledge,” said Henri Hekman, CEO and founder of AgroCares. “This partnership is the next milestone for us to achieve AgroCares’ ultimate goal to make nutrient testing accessible and convenient for the end users in different parts of the world. I truly believe together with trinamiX, we deliver to the market a new generation of Scanners, to meet today’s needs of the farmers.”

“We are excited to partner with AgroCares to become part of the Nutrient Scanner’s success story. This shows that our commitment to building reliable and scalable hardware pays off,” said Christian Nitschke, director IR Sensing & Spectroscopy Solutions Business at trinamiX.

AgroCares’s Scanner solution combines easy handling with strong performance. The benefits of trinamiX’s hardware lie in a high result accuracy and consistency across devices. Furthermore, the intuitive app backed by AgroCares advanced data know-how delivers results that bring value across the entire agricultural value chain.


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