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Think Big with egg protein

Aova Technologies, Inc. has launched a patented, natural egg protein product, which when fed to animals in dried form, gives enhanced nutritional performance
July 15, 2007

Aova Technologies, Inc. has entered the aquafeed market with its patented, natural egg protein product, BIG FISH.


Through its patented process, Aova Technologies is able to generate a concentrated level of a specific, naturally occurring antibody in the laying hen which is then deposited in the eggs they produce. This egg product, when fed to animals in dried form, gives enhanced nutritional performance.


The egg powder product is not a drug or an antibiotic and is not absorbed into the animal's bloodstream or muscle tissue.


By using an all natural production system and not targeting the bacterial population as other egg antibody products have in the past, Aova Technologies proprietary technologies and products offer the producer and feed nutritionist a new strategy in animal nutrition.


The technology involves the use of chicken antibody to the enzyme phospholipase A2 (PLA2). The antibody to the enzyme PLA2 (aPLA2) is thought to decrease the inflammatory response when lumen bacteria interact with intestinal cells.


PLA2 is a key host enzyme that involves in cascade of producing prostaglandins and leukotrienes, which are potent inflammatory mediators.


By blocking the PLA2 enzyme, the antibody in feed can minimize the overwhelming inflammation in the intestine when bacteria interact with gut lining cells.


The end results are more useable energy and nutrients for growth instead of inflammation responses.


Trials in swine nursery phase have shown an average of 5.8% improvement in weight gain and feed efficiency.


BIG FISH is formulated for multiple species in the aquaculture market and research has shown that diets supplemented with BIG FISH lead to an increase in average daily gain as well as feed efficiency.


Trial results for the addition of Big Fish to trout diets (PDF)

For more information contact: Kyle Montgomery.