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Tietjen develops machine for primary crushing

The new machine is of particular interest for fish feeds and pet food production.

Crusher CR Tietjen
July 25, 2023

Tietjen unveiled a new crusher suitable for crushing agglomerates or pre-crushing coarse material pieces for further grinding.

Crusher CR is a versatile machine for the coarse crushing of bulk materials that saves costs by pre-crushing. By homogenizing the raw material in the crusher, energy is saved in the further grinding in the hammer mill since the desired grain spectrum is achieved more quickly. At the same time, the screens of the hammer mill are protected against screen breakage. In fish feeds and pet food production, where fine screens are used, the use of the crusher is particularly worthwhile.

The crusher is designed for continuous industrial operation. “It convinces with its robust design with generously dimensioned inlet, long-life rotor and hardened impact plates. The beaters are also optimized for primary crushing and are made of Hardox. A variable grain size range can also be achieved in pre-shredding by using different screen sizes. The three screen segments of the crusher are easily accessible in the machine and can be changed quickly and easily,” the company explained. The machine can be set up individually or in combination with a feeder and hammer mill as a system.