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Avebe celebrating its 75th anniversary of producing starch derivatives

The first starch derivatives were produced 75 years ago in Malmö, Sweden.

Avebe CEO David Fousert
June 13, 2024

Cooperative Royal Avebe celebrated its 75th anniversary in Malmö, Sweden, on June 4. The first starch derivatives were produced 75 years ago in this town. In 1978, Avebe took over the activities of the production location in Malmö.

“I am very proud of the significant value that this factory brings to Avebe. Therefore, we foresee a bright future since we produce various unique modified food starches at this location. In a plant-based economy, these products are perfect for use as ingredients in consumer products such as soups and sauces, but also in specialty cheese and snack products,” said David Fousert, CEO of Avebe.

The Malmö factory has been part of Avebe since 1978, but the name has never changed until now. The authorities have approved the name change to Avebe Malmö AB. The cooperative is ready for the bright future it sees for the Malmö location.

As Avebe is dedicated on delivering the right solutions to its customers with the final consumer in mind, its focus is to deliver products optimized for the customer’s need. Avebe Malmö supplies to various customers directly but also delivers integrated distribution services together with its Pan-European distribution partner Brenntag. Recently, Brenntag also supplied Food & Nutrition customers in the Nordic and Baltic regions with potato starch and derivatives from Avebe.

Avebe's first CO2-neutral production location was achieved by installing a new electric boiler that runs on green electricity. For the cooperative, this was the start of a more sustainable organization. Avebe has installed electric boilers at all its production locations in the Netherlands.

Another example of becoming a more sustainable production location is that raw materials are delivered to the location by train. The production site in Malmö has also reduced water consumption by 28% since 2017.