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Corbion awarded with Platinum sustainability rating by EcoVadis

For the second year in a row, Corbion earned the award and is among the top one percent of all suppliers audited worldwide across a wide range of industries.

Corbion awarded with Platinum sustainability rating by EcoVadis

December 6, 2021

Corbion has been awarded a Platinum rating in its EcoVadis assessment for the second year in a row. The independent review put Corbion in the top one percent of all suppliers audited worldwide across a wide range of industries.

2021 was the sixth year in which Corbion's corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices have been evaluated by EcoVadis, and the continuation of the Platinum rating is the result of consistent improvements across all the themes assessed: fair business practices, sustainable procurement, labor practices and the environment.

“Sustainability has been a cornerstone of our business for over a hundred years, but over the past few years, we really see it picking up speed,” said Diana Visser, Corbion's sustainability director. “One of the key elements for us is that we continue to show it is possible to successfully grow our business while constantly raising the bar in terms of sustainability, in the spirit of our purpose preserving what matters. Subjecting ourselves to EcoVadis' rigorous independent scrutiny demonstrates clearly how committed we are to ongoing improvements in CSR.”

EcoVadis evaluated Corbion's policies, actions and results across all its production facilities worldwide, and the company scored particularly highly in the areas of environment, labor practices and sustainable procurement.

“We were really proud to receive the Platinum score last year, and we are strongly committed to keeping this up. Getting to such a score is not easy, but staying there requires dedication and focus. This year we've conceived and implemented several new initiatives, which are already bearing fruit,” continues Visser. “This is particularly the case in sustainable procurement, which is a key focus area for Corbion as it raises the bar across the whole supply chain and delivers further assurance to customers and consumers that their CSR expectations are being met by everyone.”

Corbion's participation in EcoVadis over time has become an integral part of its dealings with several customers. An increasing number of customers in the food, agrochemicals, pharmaceutical and HPC industries has requested access to Corbion's EcoVadis scorecard through the EcoVadis platform, strengthening the transparency and collaboration that underpins all Corbion's partnerships.

“At Corbion we preserve what matters, from food and food production, to health and the planet,” said Marcel Wubbolts, Corbion's CSSO. “By reducing the reliance on fossil resources, addressing the needs of a growing population and taking care of our people, business partners and the planet, we really do create long-term sustainable growth. It's a journey, and we are honored that our efforts are recognized with a Platinum score.”


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