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dsm-firmenich, BESTMIX Software partner to unlock the value of sustainable feed production

The partnership links Bestmix software feed formulation with the dsm-firmenich’s LCA platform, allowing customers to generate and share their feed footprints easily. 

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June 19, 2024

dsm-firmenich and BESTMIX Software signed a partnership to measure and manage the environmental footprint of animal feed.  

Roughly one-third of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions come from food production. Companies along the feed and food value chain are increasingly called upon to measure, report and reduce their environmental footprints because of their own sustainability commitments, regulatory requirements and consumer preferences—requiring considerable amounts of data.   

The partnership links BESTMIX® Software's feed formulation with the Sustell™ full life cycle assessment (LCA) platform, allowing customers to generate and share their feed footprints easily.  With this solution, feed producers, who play a major role in enabling sustainable animal protein, can report the environmental impact of their feed with the click of a button, leveraging existing data in their trusted BESTMIX software suite. This integration assists feed producers in addressing future demands of feed labeling while simultaneously helping farmers accurately quantify the environmental impact of products such as eggs, meat, milk, and farmed seafood. 

The partnership is a step forward for full value chain transparency and helps the whole food industry, including feed producers, farmers, processors, food companies and retailers to accurately report their emissions and improve their sustainability practices. 

This ability to accurately measure and improve the footprint through systems connectivity helps unlock multiple value opportunities such as sustainable finance, eco-labeling, voluntary carbon trading and identification of best farming practices across all species industries.  

“Feed is a critical part of the food value chain. By connecting Sustell™ with a well-known software player such as BESTMIX, we further realize our ambition to connect the entire farm-to-fork ecosystem. Reliable, easy-to-use LCA footprinting is the key to enabling cooperation throughout the value chain to meet the challenge and seize the opportunities related to sustainability,” said David Nickell, vice president of Sustainability & Business Solutions at dsm-firmenich, Animal Nutrition & Health.

“We are delighted to partner with dsm-firmenich, using SustellT™ to offer our customers a cutting-edge solution for measuring and managing the environmental impact of their feed production. We believe that this partnership will create value for our customers and contribute to a more sustainable future for the feed and food industry,” said Gerard Marneth, CEO at BESTMIX Software.