New certification for Ÿnsect with new social and environmental commitments

The company has become a B Corp-certified company that includes new commitments to sustainability and new social and environmental measures.

New certification for Ÿnsect with new social and environmental commitments

March 11, 2021

Ÿnsect has become a B Corp certified company, the first in the insect industry. After building the first carbon-negative vertical farm of France, this recognition is a new milestone that highlights the company’s commitment to sustainability and its new social and environmental measures.

The startup joins 3,600 other companies worldwide —more than a third of which are based in the U.S. while only 5% are based in France— that use their business model to build a fairer, more inclusive and more sustainable economy, putting profit and general interest hand in hand. According to Antoine Hubert, co-founder and CEO of Ÿnsect, “this certification is an important step forward that confirms the business model and commitments made by Ÿnsect since its creation. It is our desire to create sustainable value and share it with our entire ecosphere. Ÿnsect is not limited to the production of insects and fertilizer. It’s about demonstrating that we can start from scratch to create a new industry that meets the major challenges of our time while preserving resources and having an innovative social policy.”

Beyond pioneering a new business and environmental model, Ÿnsect has created a new type of corporate vision reinforced by the B Corp certification. “We are very proud to welcome Ÿnsect to the B Corp family. Ÿnsect is an innovative and visionary company that paves the way for a new, sustainable industry in which business, environmental and social issues are placed on the same level. At B Corp, we are convinced that a company’s impact must be at the heart of its business model. This is why B Corp companies are recognized worldwide as pioneers and for their high standards. We are convinced that Ÿnsect will pave the way for many other companies in the sector,” said Augustin Boulot, Executive director at B Lab France.

The company’s commitments include:

  • A concrete response to global environmental and food challenges: an alternative source of protein that is sustainable, healthy and respectful of ecosystems.
  • Raising global industry standards for employee welfare through employee shareholding, the creation of an industry-specific training program, an increase in the minimum wage and the extension of paid paternity leave to ten weeks.
  • Reducing its own environmental impact with an innovative strategy with “carbon-negative” vertical farms– which avoid and sequester more CO2 than they emit.


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