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Nutreco and CJ BIO join GFLI

CJ BIO is the first Asian multinational company to join GFLI and form a partnership.

March 2, 2023

Nutreco and CJ CheilJedang BIO (CJ BIO) have become new members of the Global Feed LCA Institute (GFLI).


Nutreco has joined the GFLI to help advance its commitment to delivering sustainable nutritional solutions to livestock and aquaculture producers. Through this membership, Nutreco will support GFLI in their further development of the leading animal nutrition Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) database to allow meaningful environmental impact assessments of animal nutrition products and stimulate the continuous improvement of environmental performance in the animal nutrition and food industry.

“Nutreco finds it important to actively support and contribute to the development of more and better LCA data,” said José Villalón, Nutreco’s sustainability director. “Joining GFLI will ultimately help us support the feed sector’s efforts to take a harmonized approach by aligning our efforts to promote credible tools that communicate embedded carbon and other environmental impacts in feed. This will enable our industry and their customers to compare apples-to-apples as we work to understand and reduce our environmental impacts.”

Nutreco and its two business lines, Skretting and Trouw Nutrition are committed to delivering sustainable nutritional solutions, in line with the company’s purpose of Feeding the Future. This begins with sustainable sourcing, focused on achieving the best results in animal health and farm productivity. The company has implemented an ambitious Sustainability Roadmap 2025 and is committed to science-based targets, in line with the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to well below 2°C.

To this end, Nutreco has set up a footprint database that maps LCA metrics from quality-assured LCA databases with its own procurement data. GFLI is Nutreco’s main go-to data source for this high-quality data, which is aligned with the most advanced LCA standards and practices, like the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) standard.

“Having reliable and standard-compliant LCA data is absolutely key to making robust impact quantifications and, based on this, identifying the most meaningful and efficient actions to reduce our impact. It also enables us to provide our customers with the best and most trustworthy information on our products' footprints,” said Marcel Görmer, technical lead Sustainability Metrics at Nutreco.

First Asian company that joins GFLI

CJ BIO is the first Asian multinational company to join GFLI and form a partnership. As CJ BIO has become the pioneer in the field of the Asian feed industry, a response to the current sustainability trend to race and set ambitious carbon reduction goals is also expected in other Asian companies.

For future innovative growth, CJ CheilJedang established a goal to achieve Carbon Neutral & Zero Waste by 2050. The ambitious objective includes the worksite’s green conversion to decarbonization, the development of eco-friendly products/solutions, and forming eco-friendly partnerships throughout the overall value chain. Until 2030, CJ BIO committed to reducing GHG at manufacturing plants, operating renewable energy-only, increasing water use efficiency, and promoting zero-landfill waste.

“GFLI and its database are necessary to understand the environmental impact of the feed materials better. As a member of GFLI, we expect to operate robust innovation which will reduce the environmental impact across different categories such as GHG, energy, water, waste, etc. We look forward to offering sustainable solutions in the future, in order to help our community to better respond to the climate crisis,” said Yunil Hwang, chief executive officer of CJ BIO Business.