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PAYPER introduces weighing and bagging developments at Interpack

Bagging specialist PAYPER will be presenting its recent developments at Interpack in Germany.

Director Planta - Supervison - Pulsar-PAYPER
May 1, 2023

Bagging specialist PAYPER will be presenting its recent developments at Interpack in Germany.


Weighing has been at the center of interest in the company’s R&D department ever since the first weighing device was designed in 1973. PAYPER will present MSX, a new dynamic weight controller. It ensures maximum accuracy at high bagging speeds, being one of the most accurate weighing systems in the bagging industry. Accredited by official metrology institutions, it is specifically designed for the bagging of all types of solid products: granules, flakes and fine powders.


The company will also introduce Pulsar, an all-in-one digital solution for advanced bagging management and service. Pulsar ensures full control of the production processes with a single click. This new cloud-based software solution enables bulk good producers to digitalize their bagging lines taking their production to the next level.

At PACK EXPO International in Chicago in 2022 PAYPER introduced the Pulsar S, to enhance customers’ after-sales-service experience, and is now introducing Pulsar M at Interpack 2023.

Pulsar S allows plant managers, maintenance managers and operators to work together to increase the lifetime and effectiveness of the bagging line machinery. Among other actions, it is possible to perform predictive maintenance, quick spare parts management, easier customer service communication, remote training and technical support and data-driven decisions.

Pulsar M is a cloud-based software solution for the collection, visualization and analysis of data from complete bagging lines, from dosing to warehouse management. Among other functions, it is possible to access Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) measurement, alarm management, traceability and monitoring.


PAYPER will also be showcasing an FFS bagging machine from the ASSAC series. This bagging system forms, fills and seals bags from a continuous tubular reel of plastic. An efficient solution for bagging all types of bulk solids applied in the food, petrochemical, fertilizer and building industries. The ASSAC FFS bagging machine stands out for its compact and heavy-duty design with easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

PAYPER is also celebrating its 50th anniversary. “We are very proud of what we have achieved since we designed our first weighing system for the fertilizer industry in 1973. Today, we are recognized worldwide as one of the market leaders in packaging for bulk solids. This has only been possible as a result of the close collaboration with our worldwide team, our long-term partners and our customers which has taken us to where we are today," said Josep Mª Godia, managing director at PAYPER.